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    Detecting Multi-Step IAM Attacks in AWS Environments via Model CheckingUSENIX Security '23Ilia Shevrin, Oded Margalit
    Lost at C: A User Study on the Security Implications of Large Language Model Code AssistantsUSENIX Security '23Gustavo Sandoval, Hammond Pearce, Teo Nys, Ramesh Karri, Siddharth Garg, Brendan Dolan-Gavitt
    ARGUS: Context-Based Detection of Stealthy IoT Infiltration AttacksUSENIX Security '23Phillip Rieger, Marco Chilese, Reham Mohamed, Markus Miettinen, Hossein Fereidooni, Ahmad-Reza Sadeghi
    How to Cover up Anomalous Accesses to Electronic Health RecordsUSENIX Security '23Xiaojun Xu, Qingying Hao, Zhuolin Yang, Bo Li, David Liebovitz, Gang Wang, Carl A. Gunter
    TreeSync: Authenticated Group Management for Messaging Layer SecurityUSENIX Security '23Théophile Wallez, Jonathan Protzenko, Benjamin Beurdouche, Karthikeyan Bhargavan
    Network Responses to Russia's Invasion of Ukraine in 2022: A Cautionary Tale for Internet FreedomUSENIX Security '23Reethika Ramesh, Ram Sundara Raman, Apurva Virkud, Alexandra Dirksen, Armin Huremagic, David Fifield, Dirk Rodenburg, Rod Hynes, Doug Madory, Roya Ensafi
    ZBCAN: A Zero-Byte CAN Defense SystemUSENIX Security '23Khaled Serag, Rohit Bhatia, Akram Faqih, Muslum Ozgur Ozmen, Vireshwar Kumar, Z. Berkay Celik, Dongyan Xu
    Know Your Cybercriminal: Evaluating Attacker Preferences by Measuring Profile Sales on an Active, Leading Criminal Market for User Impersonation at ScaleUSENIX Security '23Michele Campobasso, Luca Allodi
    Formal Analysis of Session-Handling in Secure Messaging: Lifting Security from Sessions to ConversationsUSENIX Security '23Cas Cremers, Charlie Jacomme, Aurora Naska
    HOLMES: Efficient Distribution Testing for Secure Collaborative LearningUSENIX Security '23Ian Chang, Katerina Sotiraki, Weikeng Chen, Murat Kantarcioglu, Raluca Popa
    MobileAtlas: Geographically Decoupled Measurements in Cellular Networks for Security and Privacy ResearchUSENIX Security '23Gabriel K. Gegenhuber, Wilfried Mayer, Edgar Weippl, Adrian Dabrowski
    Don’t be Dense: Efficient Keyword PIR for Sparse DatabasesUSENIX Security '23Sarvar Patel, Joon Young Seo, Kevin Yeo
    Proxy Hunting: Understanding and Characterizing Proxy-based Upgradeable Smart Contracts in BlockchainsUSENIX Security '23William E Bodell III, Sajad Meisami, Yue Duan
    Fine-grained Poisoning Attack to Local Differential Privacy Protocols for Mean and Variance EstimationUSENIX Security '23Xiaoguang Li, Ninghui Li, Wenhai Sun, Neil Zhenqiang Gong, Hui Li
    PrivateFL: Accurate, Differentially Private Federated Learning via Personalized Data TransformationUSENIX Security '23Yuchen Yang, Bo Hui, Haolin Yuan, Neil Gong, Yinzhi Cao
    Controlled Data Races in Enclaves: Attacks and DetectionUSENIX Security '23Sanchuan Chen, Zhiqiang Lin, Yinqian Zhang
    BalanceProofs: Maintainable Vector Commitments with Fast AggregationUSENIX Security '23Weijie Wang, Annie Ulichney, Charalampos Papamanthou
    autofz: Automated Fuzzer Composition at RuntimeUSENIX Security '23Yu-Fu Fu, Jaehyuk Lee, Taesoo Kim
    Multi-Factor Key Derivation Function (MFKDF) for Fast, Flexible, Secure, & Practical Key ManagementUSENIX Security '23Vivek Nair, Dawn Song
    PROGRAPHER: An Anomaly Detection System based on Provenance Graph EmbeddingUSENIX Security '23Fan Yang, Jiacen Xu, Chunlin Xiong, Zhou Li, Kehuan Zhang
    Rosetta: Enabling Robust TLS Encrypted Traffic Classification in Diverse Network Environments with TCP-Aware Traffic AugmentationUSENIX Security '23Renjie Xie, Jiahao Cao, Enhuan Dong, Mingwei Xu, Kun Sun, Qi Li, Licheng Shen, Menghao Zhang
    Aegis: Mitigating Targeted Bit-flip Attacks against Deep Neural NetworksUSENIX Security '23Jialai Wang, Ziyuan Zhang, Meiqi Wang, Han Qiu, Tianwei Zhang, Qi Li, Zongpeng Li, Tao Wei, Chao Zhang
    Design of Access Control Mechanisms in Systems-on-Chip with Formal Integrity GuaranteesUSENIX Security '23Dino Mehmedagić, Mohammad Rahmani Fadiheh, Johannes Müller, Anna Lena Duque Antón, Dominik Stoffel, Wolfgang Kunz
    ICSPatch: Automated Vulnerability Localization and Non-Intrusive Hotpatching in Industrial Control Systems using Data Dependence GraphsUSENIX Security '23Prashant Hari Narayan Rajput, Constantine Doumanidis, Michail Maniatakos
    VeriZexe: Decentralized Private Computation with Universal SetupUSENIX Security '23Alex Luoyuan Xiong, Binyi Chen, Zhenfei Zhang, Benedikt Bünz, Ben Fisch, Fernando Krell, Philippe Camacho