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    FreeEagle: Detecting Complex Neural Trojans in Data-Free CasesUSENIX Security '23Chong Fu, Xuhong Zhang, Shouling Ji, Ting Wang, Peng Lin, Yanghe Feng, Jianwei Yin
    Panda: Security Analysis of Algorand Smart ContractsUSENIX Security '23Zhiyuan Sun, Xiapu Luo, Yinqian Zhang
    Formal Analysis and Patching of BLE-SC PairingUSENIX Security '23Min Shi, Jing Chen, Kun He, Haoran Zhao, Meng Jia, Ruiying Du
    SHELTER: Extending Arm CCA with Isolation in User SpaceUSENIX Security '23Yiming Zhang, Yuxin Hu, Zhenyu Ning, Fengwei Zhang, Xiapu Luo, Haoyang Huang, Shoumeng Yan, Zhengyu He
    CAPatch: Physical Adversarial Patch against Image Captioning SystemsUSENIX Security '23Shibo Zhang, Yushi Cheng, Wenjun Zhu, Xiaoyu Ji, Wenyuan Xu
    MINER: A Hybrid Data-Driven Approach for REST API FuzzingUSENIX Security '23Chenyang Lyu, Jiacheng Xu, Shouling Ji, Xuhong Zhang, Qinying Wang, Binbin Zhao, Gaoning Pan, Wei Cao, Peng Chen, Raheem Beyah
    FABRID: Flexible Attestation-Based Routing for Inter-Domain NetworksUSENIX Security '23Cyrill Krähenbühl, Marc Wyss, David Basin, Vincent Lenders, Adrian Perrig, Martin Strohmeier
    Educators’ Perspectives of Using (or Not Using) Online Exam ProctoringUSENIX Security '23David G. Balash, Elena Korkes, Miles Grant, Adam J. Aviv, Rahel A. Fainchtein, Micah Sherr
    Going through the motions: AR/VR keylogging from user head motionsUSENIX Security '23Carter Slocum, Yicheng Zhang, Nael Abu-Ghazaleh, Jiasi Chen
    No more Reviewer #2: Subverting Automatic Paper-Reviewer Assignment using Adversarial LearningUSENIX Security '23Thorsten Eisenhofer, Erwin Quiring, Jonas Möller, Doreen Riepel, Thorsten Holz, Konrad Rieck
    Password Guessing Using Random ForestUSENIX Security '23Ding Wang, Yunkai Zou, Zijian Zhang, Kedong Xiu
    Detecting and Handling IoT Interaction Threats in Multi-Platform Multi-Control-Channel Smart HomesUSENIX Security '23Haotian Chi, Qiang Zeng, Xiaojiang Du
    TRIDENT: Towards Detecting and Mitigating Web-based Social Engineering AttacksUSENIX Security '23Zheng Yang, Joey Allen, Matthew Landen, Roberto Perdisci, Wenke Lee
    “Millions of people are watching you”: Understanding the Digital-Safety Needs and Practices of CreatorsUSENIX Security '23Patrawat Samermit, Anna Turner, Patrick Gage Kelley, Tara Matthews, Vanessia Wu, Sunny Consolvo, Kurt Thomas
    DDRace: Finding Concurrency UAF Vulnerabilities in Linux Drivers with Directed FuzzingUSENIX Security '23
    Secure Floating-Point TrainingUSENIX Security '23Deevashwer Rathee, Anwesh Bhattacharya, Divya Gupta, Rahul Sharma, Dawn Song
    The OK Is Not Enough: A Large Scale Study of Consent Dialogs in Smartphone ApplicationsUSENIX Security '23Simon Koch, Benjamin Altpeter, Martin Johns
    Timeless Timing Attacks and Preload Defenses in Tor's DNS CacheUSENIX Security '23Rasmus Dahlberg, Tobias Pulls
    CacheQL: Quantifying and Localizing Cache Side-Channel Vulnerabilities in Production SoftwareUSENIX Security '23Yuanyuan Yuan, Zhibo Liu, Shuai Wang
    “If sighted people know, I should be able to know:” Privacy Perceptions of Bystanders with Visual Impairments around Camera-based TechnologyUSENIX Security '23Yuhang Zhao, Yaxing Yao, Jiaru Fu, Nihan Zhou
    Access Denied: Assessing Physical Risks to Internet Access NetworksUSENIX Security '23Alexander Marder, Zesen Zhang, Ricky Mok, Ramakrishna Padmanabhan, Bradley Huffaker, Matthew Luckie, Alberto Dainotti, kc claffy, Alex C. Snoeren, Aaron Schulman
    Security and Privacy Failures in Popular 2FA AppsUSENIX Security '23Conor Gilsenan, Fuzail Shakir, Noura Alomar, Serge Egelman
    A comprehensive, formal and automated analysis of the EDHOC protocolUSENIX Security '23Charlie Jacomme, Elise Klein, Steve Kremer, Maïwenn Racouchot
    Hash Gone Bad: Automated discovery of protocol attacks that exploit hash function weaknessesUSENIX Security '23Vincent Cheval, Cas Cremers, Alexander Dax, Lucca Hirschi, Charlie Jacomme, Steve Kremer
    Content-Type: multipart/oracle - Tapping into Format Oracles in Email End-to-End EncryptionUSENIX Security '23Fabian Ising, Damian Poddebniak, Tobias Kappert, Christoph Saatjohann, Sebastian Schinzel