Access Denied: Assessing Physical Risks to Internet Access Networks


Alexander Marder, CAIDA / UC San Diego; Zesen Zhang, UC San Diego; Ricky Mok and Ramakrishna Padmanabhan, CAIDA / UC San Diego; Bradley Huffaker, CAIDA/ UC San Diego; Matthew Luckie, University of Waikato; Alberto Dainotti, Georgia Tech; kc claffy, CAIDA/ UC San Diego; Alex C. Snoeren and Aaron Schulman, UC San Diego


Regional access networks play an essential role in connecting both wireline and mobile users to the Internet. Today’s access networks support 5G cellular phones, cloud services, hospital and financial services, and remote work essential to the modern economy. Yet long-standing economic and architectural constraints produce points of limited redundancy that leave these networks exposed to targeted physical attacks resulting in widespread outages. This risk was dramatically shown in December 2020, when a bomb destroyed part of AT&T’s regional access network in Nashville, Tennessee disabling 911 emergency dispatch, air traffic control, hospital networks, and credit card processing, among other services.

We combine new techniques for analyzing access-network infrastructure deployments with measurements of large-scale outages to demonstrate the feasibility and quantify potential impacts of targeted attacks. Our study yields insights into physical attack surfaces and resiliency limits of regional access networks. We analyze potential approaches to mitigate the risks we identify and discuss drawbacks identified by network operators. We hope that our empirical evaluation will inform risk assessments and operational practices, as well as motivate further analyses of this critical infrastructure.

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