Building a Complete Export Ecosystem—From DSAR Automation to Privacy Center

Monday, September 11, 2023 - 4:00 pm4:15 pm

Pankaj Mohapatra, Uber


Data privacy rights are becoming more urgent as the expansive CPRA, requires companies to deploy effective and scalable compliance. Most companies don't want to reveal what they're building or the details of how they plan to comply with these requirements – speaking publicly is still taboo in our industry.

At Uber, we progressively increased the sophistication of our processes and platform with the growing scope of regulations and user demand for DSARs. We faced several unexpected challenges that ultimately helped us steer the entire effort in an actionable direction.

We have built an in-house DSAR Automation tool to support compliance, regulations, scale, and optimize cost. But the story does NOT end here. We have also launched many self-services, real-time web flows, and an extensive and impressive Privacy Center along with products like Explore-Your-Data and Download-Your-Data. Our goal is to develop a comprehensive export ecosystem with the aim of enhancing user trust.

Pankaj Mohapatra, Uber

Pankaj Mohapatra is a Software Engineer in the technical privacy team at Uber. Prior to Uber he worked at PayPal and did a couple of stints at Startups. After working on problems ranging from reliability, risk, ML platform, product and data platform his new interest is to solve engineering challenges around privacy at scale. Currently at Uber his concentration ranges from tackling general backend scaling issues to efficiently querying user data in a mammoth data lake as a part of export ecosystems.

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