Securing and Standardizing Data Rights Requests with a Data Rights Protocol

Monday, September 11, 2023 - 4:15 pm4:35 pm

Ryan Rix, Consumer Reports Innovation Lab


There is no standard and secure way to exchange data rights requests under the law and it's hard and time-consuming for consumers and companies alike. We think there should be a better way to process data rights requests that's streamlined and inexpensive.

A standard protocol that formalizes the components of a data rights request would allow for more consistency and efficiency for both consumers submitting requests and companies processing them. That's why Consumer Reports is incubating a Data Rights Protocol with a consortium of companies committed to strengthening consumer data rights. In this presentation we will describe the components of the Data Rights Protocol and how a system overlapping business, legal, and technical rules can streamline Data Rights requests.

This is the work of Ginny Fahs at the Consumer Reports Innovation Lab, Dazza Greenwood with, and Ryan Rix.

Ryan Rix, Consumer Reports Innovation Lab

Ryan Rix is a software and systems engineer focused on privacy preserving software design and improving the state of the art in self-hosting small interoperable systems. After building GDPR Data Portability systems and Privacy by Design processes for Uber Technologies, Ryan has taken up independent privacy rights research leading to the design of the technical standard for the Data Rights Protocol. Ryan lives in the Pacific Northwest where he rides his bike and tweaks his Emacs configuration when not fighting for the users.

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