Privacy for All: Achieving Inclusive Privacy in the Digital Age

Monday, September 11, 2023 - 5:25 pm5:40 pm

Sri Pravallika Maddipati and Norbert Nthala, Google


Inclusive privacy is an approach to privacy design that takes into account the needs of all users, regardless of their abilities, characteristics, needs, identities, or values. It is a shift away from the traditional approach to privacy, which focuses on protecting the privacy of the "average" user. Inclusive privacy acknowledges that different users have different privacy needs and seeks to ensure equitable protection of personal data, accounting for the diverse needs, identities and experiences.

The presentation will explore how privacy intersects with identity markers such as race, gender, sexuality, disability, and class, among others. By analyzing these intersections, we can develop a nuanced understanding of how privacy is experienced and perceived by individuals from different backgrounds. We will also examine the ways in which privacy policies and practices can either promote or hinder inclusivity. We will draw on case studies to illustrate how inclusive privacy can be operationalized in practice.

Sri Pravallika Maddipati, Google

Sri Maddipati is a Senior Privacy Engineer in Google's Privacy Trust response function handling incidents and setting up programs to mitigate incidents through incident metrics. Before joining Google, Sri was the first Privacy Engineer at Autodesk where she built the Privacy assessments and metrics program from the ground up. In her role at PwC she helped Fortune 500 companies build Security GRC programs and performed maturity assessments. She holds a Masters Degree in Cyber Security from Northeastern University, Boston.

Norbert Nthala, Google

Norbert is a Privacy engineer in Google's Privacy Trust response team. He is a self-motivated information security and privacy professional with over 6 years of broad experience in privacy, infrastructure security, networking engineering, management consulting and cyber security research. Expert at analyzing and identifying problems in complex socio-technical systems and designing appropriate security and privacy solutions to reduce risk and improve user experience and trust.

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