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    USENIX Summer 1993 Technical ConferenceLADDIS: The Next Generation in NFS File Server BenchmarkingBruce E. Keith, Mark Wittle
    USENIX Summer 1993 Technical ConferenceDesign and Implementation of a Multimedia Protocol Suite in a BSD UNIX KernelRaj Yavatkar, K. Lakshman, Giri Kuthethoor
    USENIX Summer 1993 Technical ConferenceThe Spring Nucleus: A Microkernel for ObjectsGraham Hamilton, Panos Kougiouris
    USENIX Summer 1993 Technical Conference"Stacking" Vnodes: A Progress ReportGlenn C. Skinner, Thomas K. Wong
    USENIX Summer 1993 Technical ConferenceAnonymous RPC: Low-Latency Protection in a 64-Bit Address SpaceCurtis Yarvin, Richard Bukowski, Thomas Anderson
    USENIX Summer 1993 Technical ConferenceIntegrating Handwriting Recognition into UNIXJames Kempf
    USENIX Summer 1993 Technical ConferenceOptimizing UNIX Resource Scheduling for User InteractionSteve Evans, Bart Smaalders, Dave Singleton, Jeff Bonwick
    USENIX Summer 1993 Technical ConferenceAudioFile: A Network-Transparent Audio Server James Gettys, Thomas M. Levergood, Andrew C. Payne, Lawrence C. Stewart, G. Winfield Treese
    USENIX Summer 1993 Technical ConferenceHigh Performance Dynamic Linking Through CachingMichael N. Nelson, Graham Hamilton
    USENIX Summer 1993 Technical ConferenceThe Shell as a ServiceGlenn S. Fowler
    USENIX Summer 1993 Technical Conferencesfs: A Parallel File System for the CM-5Sue J. LoVerso, Marshall Isman, Andy Nanopoulos, William Nesheim, Eric L. Rowe, Richard Wheeler
    USENIX Summer 1993 Technical ConferenceAdaptive Block Rearrangement Under UNIXSedat Akyürek, Kenneth Salem
    USENIX Mach III SymposiumUnix File Access and Caching in a Multicomputer EnvironmentPaul J. Roy
    USENIX Mach III SymposiumIn-Kernel Servers on Mach 3.0: Implementation and PerformanceJay Lepreau, Mike Hibler, Bryan Ford, Jeffrey Law, Douglas Orr
    USENIX Mach III SymposiumUsing the Mach Communication Primitives in X11Michael Ginsberg, Brian N. Bershad, Robert V. Baron
    USENIX Mach III SymposiumUsing Continuations to Build a User-Level Threads LibraryRandall Dean
    USENIX Mach III SymposiumReal Memory MachPhilippe Bernadat, David Black
    USENIX Mach III SymposiumMIKE: A Distributed object-oriented programming platform on top of the Mach micro-kernelMiguel Castro, Nuno Neves, Pedro Trancuso, Pedro Sousa
    USENIX Mach III SymposiumSprite on MachMichael D. Kupfer
    USENIX Winter 1993 ConferencePhoneStation, Moving the Telephone onto the Virtual DesktopStephen A. Uhler
    USENIX Winter 1993 ConferenceThe BSD Packet Filter: A New Architecture for User-level Packet CaptureSteven McCanne, Van Jacobson
    USENIX Winter 1993 ConferenceAn Implementation of a Log-Structured File System for UNIXMargo Seltzer, Keith Bostic, Marshall Kirk McKusick, Carl Staelin
    USENIX Winter 1993 ConferenceThe Nachos Instructional Operating SystemWayne A. Christopher, Steven J. Procter, Thomas E. Anderson
    UNIX Security '92The Greatest Cracker-Case in Denmark: The Detecting, Tracing, and Arresting of Two International CrackersJörgen Bo Madsen
    UNIX Security '92Experiences of Internet Security in ItalyAlessandro Berni, Paolo Franchi, Joy Marino