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    USENIX 1994 UNIX Applications Development SymposiumPorting and Maintaining with X and Motif: A Project RetrospectivePaul Davey
    USENIX 1994 UNIX Applications Development SymposiumSoftware Design for InstallabilitySteve Simmons
    USENIX 6th C++ Technical ConferenceThe Object Binary Interface: C++ Objects for Evolvable Shared Class LibrariesTheodore Goldstein, Alan Sloane
    USENIX 6th C++ Technical ConferenceA Framework for Building Extensible C++ Class Libraries Arindam Banerji, David Cohn, Dinesh Kulkarni
    USENIX 6th C++ Technical ConferenceImplementing Signatures for C++ Gerald Baumgartner, Vince Russo
    USENIX 6th C++ Technical ConferenceBase Class Composition with Multiple Derivation and Virtual BasesLee Nackman, John Barton
    USENIX 6th C++ Technical ConferenceStatic Type Determination for C++Hemant Pande, Barbara Ryder
    USENIX 6th C++ Technical ConferenceSupporting Truly Object-Oriented Debugging of C++ ProgramsJames Coplien
    USENIX 6th C++ Technical ConferenceHotWire -- A Visual Debugger for C++ Chris Laffra, Ashok Malhotra
    USENIX 6th C++ Technical ConferenceA Customizable Memory Management FrameworkGiuseppe Attardi, Tito Flagella
    USENIX 6th C++ Technical ConferenceSafe, Efficient Garbage Collection for C++John R. Ellis, David L. Detlefs
    USENIX 6th C++ Technical ConferenceTemplate Base DelegationTed Law
    USENIX 6th C++ Technical ConferenceC++ Design and Implementation Challenges in Technology Computer Aided Design FrameworksGoodwin Chin, Dharini Sitaraman, Chung Yang, Martin Giles
    USENIX 6th C++ Technical ConferenceAn Object-Oriented Framework for Developing Distributed ApplicationsDouglas Schmidt
    USENIX 6th C++ Technical ConferenceInterface Translation and Implementation FilteringMark Linton, Douglas Pan
    USENIX 6th C++ Technical ConferenceA Poor Man's Approach to String-Based Interfacing of C++ ObjectsThomas Kofler, Bruno Schaeffer, Walter Bischofberger
    USENIX 6th C++ Technical ConferenceSharing Between Translation Units in C++ Program DatabasesSamuel Kendall, Glenn Allinn
    USENIX 6th C++ Technical ConferenceA Dossier Driven Persistent Objects FacilityRobert Mecklenburg, Benny Yih, Gary Lindstrom, Charles Clark
    USENIX Winter 1994 Technical ConferenceFinding Similar Files in a Large File SystemUdi Manber
    USENIX Winter 1994 Technical Conferencecql - A Flat File Database Query LanguageGlenn Fowler
    USENIX Winter 1994 Technical ConferenceGLIMPSE: A Tool to Search Through Entire File SystemsUdi Manber, Sun Wu
    USENIX Winter 1994 Technical ConferenceDrinking from the Firehose: Multicast USENET NewsKurt J. Lidl, Josh Osborne, Joe Malcolm
    USENIX Winter 1994 Technical ConferenceThe refdbms Distributed Bibliographic Database SystemRichard A. Golding, Darrell D. E. Long, John Wilkes
    USENIX Winter 1994 Technical ConferenceFilesystem Daemons as Unifying Mechanism for Network Information AccessSteve Summit
    USENIX Winter 1994 Technical ConferenceConcert/C: A Language for Distributed ProgrammingJoshua S. Auerbach, Arthur P. Goldberg, Ajei S. Gopal, Mark T. Kennedy, James R. Russell