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    USENIX Winter 1994 Technical ConferenceAcme: A User Interface for ProgrammersRob Pike
    USENIX Winter 1994 Technical ConferenceFile System Design for an NFS File Server ApplianceDave Hitz, Michael Malcolm, James Lau
    USENIX Winter 1994 Technical ConferenceImproving the Write Performance of an NFS ServerChet Juszczak
    USENIX Winter 1994 Technical ConferenceNot Quite NFS, Soft Cache Consistency forNFSRick Macklem
    USENIX Winter 1994 Technical ConferenceA Quantitative Analysis of Disk Drive Power Management in Portable ComputersKester Li, Roger Kumpf, Paul Horton, Thomas Anderson
    USENIX Winter 1994 Technical ConferenceThwarting the Power-Hungry DiskFred Douglis, Brian Marsh, P. Krishnan
    USENIX Winter 1994 Technical ConferenceA Usage Profile and Evaluation of a Wide-Area Distributed File SystemMirjana Spasojevic, M. Satyanarayanan
    USENIX Winter 1994 Technical ConferenceWux: UNIX Tools under WindowsDiomidis Spinellis
    USENIX Winter 1994 Technical ConferenceAn MS-DOS Filesystem for UNIXAlessandro Forin, Gerald Malan
    USENIX Winter 1994 Technical ConferenceAn Overview of the NetWare Operating SystemGreg Minshall, Kyle Powell, Drew Major
    LISA '93Collaborative Networked Communication: MUDs as Systems ToolsRémy Evard
    LISA '93Horses and Barn Doors: Evolution of Corporate Guidelines for Internet UsageSally Hambridge, Jeffrey C. Sedayao
    LISA '93Our Users have Root!Laua de Leon, Brent Thompson, Mike Rodriquez
    LISA '93LUDE: A Distributed Software LibraryMichel Dagenais, Stéphane Boucher, Robert Gérin-Lajole, Pierre Laplante, Pierre Maihot
    LISA '93The Corporate Software BankSteven W. Lodin
    LISA '93Customization in a UNIX Computing EnvironmentCraig E. Wills, Kirstin Cadwell, William Marrs
    LISA '93Local Disk Depot - Customizing the Software EnvironmentWalter C. Wong
    LISA '93Methods for Maintaining One Source Tree in a Heterogeneous EnvironmentBjorn Satdeva
    LISA '93Towards a POSIX Standard for Software AdministrationBarrie Archer
    LISA '93Managing the Mission Critical EnvironmentE. Scott Menter
    LISA '93Open Systems Formal Evaluation ProcessBrian William Keves
    LISA '93A Case Study on Moves and MergersJohn Schimmel
    LISA '93Guerrilla System Administration: Scaling Small Group Systems Administration To a Larger Installed BaseTim Hunter, Scott Watanabe
    LISA '93Role-based System Administration or Who, What, Where, and HowDinah McNutt
    LISA '93Delegation: Uniformity in Heterogeneous Distribued AdministrationJean-Charles Grégoire