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    LISA '97A Large-Scale Data Warehouse Application Case StudyDan Pollack
    LISA '97SHUSE at TwoHenry Spencer
    LISA '97A Web-Based Backup/Restore Method for Intel-Based PCsTyler Barnett, Kyle McPeek, Larry S. Lile, Ray Hyatt, Jr.
    LISA '97Managing PC Operating Systems With A Revision Control SystemGottfried Rudorfer
    LISA '97BAL: A Tool to Synchronize Document Collections Between ComputersJuergen Christoffel
    LISA '97Increased Server Availibility Through Failover CapabilityMichael R. Barber
    LISA '97The Cyclic News Filesystem: Getting INN To Do More With LessScott Lystig Fritchie
    LISA '97Adaptive Locks for Frequently Scheduled Tasks With Unpredictable RuntimesMark Burgess, Demosthenes Skipitaris
    LISA '97Creating the Network for Lucent Bell Labs Research Tom Limoncelli, Thomas Reingold, Ravi Narayan, Ralph Loura
    LISA '97Pinpointing System Performance IssuesDouglas L. Urner
    LISA '97Chaos Out of Order: A Simple, Scalable File Distribution Facility For 'Intentionally Heterogeneous' NetworksAlva Couch
    LISA '97An Analysis of UNIX System ConfigurationRemy Evard
    LISA '97Tuning Sendmail for Large Mailing ListsRob Kolstad
    LISA '97Selectively Rejecting Spam Using Sendmail check_RulesetsRobert Harker
    LISA '97A Better Email BouncerRich Holland
    LISA '97Automation of Site Configuration ManagementJon Finke
    DSL '97Service Combinators for Web ComputingLuca Cardelli, Rowan Davies
    DSL '97A Domain-Specific Language for Video Device Drivers: From Design to ImplementationScott Thibault, Renaud Marlet, Charles Consel
    DSL '97Domain-Specific Languages for ad hoc Distributed ApplicationsMatthew Fuchs
    DSL '97Experience with a Domain-Specific Language for Form-Based ServicesDavid Atkins, Thomas Ball, Michael Benedikt, Glenn Bruns, Kenneth Cox, Peter Mataga, Kenneth Rehor
    DSL '97Experience with a Language for Writing Coherence ProtocolsSatish Chandra, James R. Larus, Michael Dahlin, Bradley Richards, Randolph Y. Wang, Thomas E. Anderson
    DSL '97Lightweight Languages as Software Engineering ToolsDiomidis Spinellis, V. Guruprasad
    DSL '97A Slicing-Based Approach for Locating Type ErrorsT. B. Dinesh, Frank Tip
    DSL '97Typed Common Intermediate FormatZhong Shao
    DSL '97Incorporating Application Semantics and Control into CompilationDawson R. Engler