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    LISA '96Many Mail Domains, One Machine: The Forwarding MailerHal Pomeranz
    LISA '96How to Get There From Here: Scaling the Enterprise-Wide Mail InfrastructureMichael Grubb
    LISA '96Automatic and Reliable Elimination of E-mail Loops Based on Statistical AnalysisE. Solana, V. Baggiolini, M. Ramluckun, J. Harms
    LISA '96MajorCool: A Web Interface to MajordomoBill Houle
    LISA '96The PGP Moose - Implementation and ExperienceGreg Rose
    LISA '96The Brave Little Toaster Meets UsenetKarl L. Swartz
    LISA '96A Simple Caching File System for Application Serving John D. Bell, Ford Motor Co.
    LISA '96Automating the Administration of Heterogeneous LANsMichael Fisk
    LISA '96PC Administration Tools: Using Linux to Manage Personal ComputersJim Trocki
    LISA '96Abstract Yourself With ModulesJohn L. Furlani, Peter W. Osel
    LISA '96SLINK: Simple, Effective Filesystem Maintenance Abstractions for Community-Based AdministrationAlva L. Couch
    LISA '96Managing and Distributing Application SoftwarePh. Defert, M. Goossens, O. Le Moigne, A. Peyrat, I. Reguero, E. Fernandez
    LISA '96A New Twist on Teaching System AdministrationRaven Tompkins
    LISA '96Institute White Pages as a System Administration ProblemJon Finke
    LISA '96New Fangled Phone Systems Pose New Challenges for System AdministratorsSnoopy
    USENIX Security '96A Secure Environment for Untrusted Helper ApplicationsIan Goldberg, David Wagner, Randi Thomas, Eric A. Brewer
    USENIX Security '96Confining Root Programs with Domain and Type EnforcementKenneth M. Walker, Daniel F. Sterne, M. Lee Badger, Michael J. Petkac, David L. Sherman, Karen A. Oostendorp
    USENIX Security '96Dual-workfactor Encrypted Key Exchange: Efficiently Preventing Password Chaining and Dictionary AttacksBarry Jaspan
    USENIX Security '96A Revocable Backup SystemDan Boneh, Richard J. Lipton
    USENIX Security '96A Framework for Building an Electronic Currency SystemLei Tang
    USENIX Security '96Chrg-http: A Tool for Micropayments on the World Wide WebLei Tang, Steve Low
    USENIX Security '96Building Systems That Flexibly Download Executable ContentTrent Jaeger, Atul Prakash, Avi Rubin
    USENIX Security '96Public Key Distribution with Secure DNSJames M. Galvin
    USENIX Security '96Compliance Defects in Public Key CryptographyDon Davis
    USENIX Security '96Texas A&M University Anarchistic Key Authorization (AKA)David Safford, Douglas Schales, David Hess