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    USENIX Summer 1992 Technical ConferenceNeD: The Network Extensible DebuggerPaul Maybee
    USENIX Summer 1992 Technical ConferenceThe Continuous Media File SystemDavid P. Anderson, Yoshitomo Osawa, Ramesh Govindan
    USENIX Summer 1992 Technical ConferenceMainframe Services from Gigabit-Networked WorkstationsJ-P. Baud, C. Boissat, F. Cane, F. Hemmer, E. Jagel, A. Kumar, G. Lee, B. Panzer-Steindel, L. Robertson, B. Segal, A . Trannoy, I. Zacharov
    USENIX Summer 1992 Technical ConferenceA Highly Available Lock Manager for HA-NFSAnupam Bhide, Spencer Shepler
    USENIX Summer 1992 Technical Conference#ifdef Considered Harmful, or Portability Experience with C NewsHenry Spencer, Geoff Collyer
    USENIX Summer 1992 Technical ConferenceIncl: A Tool to Analyze Include FilesKiem-Phong Vo, Yih-Farn Chen
    USENIX Summer 1992 Technical ConferenceLarge Scale Porting through Parameterization David Tilbrook, Russell Crook
    USENIX Summer 1992 Technical ConferencePerformance of a Parallel Network Backup ManagerJames da Silva, Ólafur Guömundsson, Daniel Mossé
    USENIX Summer 1992 Technical ConferenceThe DIDS (Distributed Intrusion Detection System) PrototypeSteven R. Snapp, Stephen E. Smaha, Daniel M. Teal, Tim Grance
    USENIX Summer 1992 Technical ConferenceA Privilege Mechanism for UNIX System V Release 4 Operating SystemsCharles Salemi, Suryakanta Shah, Eric Lund
    USENIX Mach SymposiumA Fast Mach Network IPC ImplementationJoseph S. Barrera III
    USENIX Mach SymposiumGeneralized Emulation Services for Mach 3.0—Overview, Experiences and Current StatusDaniel P. Julin, Jonathan J. Chew, J. Mark Stevenson, Paulo Guedes, Paul Neves, Paul Roy
    USENIX Mach SymposiumDOS as a Mach 3.0 ApplicationGerald Malan, Richard Rashid, David Golub, Robert Baron
    USENIX Mach SymposiumA Causal Distributed Shared Memory Based on External PagersFabienne Boyer
    USENIX Mach SymposiumSupporting Structured Shared Virtual Memory Under MachRay Bryant, Paul Carini, Hung-Yang Chang, Bryan Rosenburg
    USENIX Mach SymposiumManaging Discardable Pages with an External PagerIndira Subramanian
    USENIX Mach SymposiumOSF/1 Virtual Memory ImprovementsDavid Black, Jeff Carter, George Feinberg, Rod MacDonald, Jim Van Sciver, Ping Wang, Shashi Mangalat, Eric Sheinbrood
    USENIX Mach SymposiumParallelizing Signal Handling and Process Management in OSF/1Don Bolinger, Shashi Mangalat
    USENIX Mach SymposiumMach Resource Control in OSF/1David W. Mitchell
    USENIX Mach SymposiumMach Interfaces to Support Guest O.S. DebuggingRand Hoven
    USENIX Mach SymposiumKernel Support for Network Protocol ServersFranklin Reynolds, Jeffrey Heller
    USENIX Mach SymposiumAn I/O System for Mach 3.0Alessandro Forin, David Golub, Bryan Bershad
    USENIX Mach SymposiumMoving the Default Memory Manager Out of the Mach KernlDavid B. Golub, Richard P. Draves
    USENIX Mach SymposiumUser-Level Physical Memory Management for MachStuart Sechrest, Yoonho Park
    USENIX Mach SymposiumPage Replacement and Reference Bit Emulation in MachRichard P. Draves