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    COOTS '95Configuration Management in an Object-Oriented DatabaseMick Jordan, Michael Van DeVanter
    COOTS '95Debugging Storage Management Problems in Garbage-Collected EnvironmentsDave Detlefs, Bill Kaslow
    COOTS '95Phantom: An Interpreted Language for Distributed ProgrammingAntony Courtney
    COOTS '95A Framework for Higher-Order Functions in C++Konstantin Laufer
    COOTS '95Lingua-Franca: An IDL for Structural Subtyping Distributed Object SystemsPatrick Muckelbauer, Vincent F. Russo
    COOTS '95Adding Group Communication and Fault-Tolerance to CORBASilvano Maffeis
    COOTS '95Using Meta-Objects to Support Optimisation in the Apertos Operating SystemJun-ichiro Itoh, Yashuhiko Yokote, Rodger Lea
    COOTS '95The Spring Object ModelSanjay Radia, Graham Hamilton, Peter Kessler, Michael L. Powell
    COOTS '95Integration of Concurrency Control in a Language with Subtyping and SubclassingCarlos Baquero, Rui Oliveira, Francisco Moura
    COOTS '95Generic Containers for a Distributed Object StoreCarsten Weich
    COOTS '95Media-Independent Interfaces in a Media-Dependent WorldKen Arnold, Kee Hinckley, Eric Sheinbrood
    USENIX Security '95Information Security Technology? Don't Rely on It. A Case Study in Social EngineeringIra S. Winkler, Brian Dealy
    USENIX Security '95A Simple Active Attack Against TCPLaurent Joncheray
    USENIX Security '95WAN-hacking with AutoHack: Auditing Security Behind the FirewallAlec Muffet
    USENIX Security '95Kerberos Security with Clocks AdriftDon Davis, Daniel E. Geer
    USENIX Security '95Design and Implementation of Modular Key Management Protocol and IP Secure Tunnel on AIXPau-Chen Cheng, Juan A. Garay, Amir Herzberg, Hugo Krawczyk
    USENIX Security '95Network Randomization Protocol: A Proactive Pseudo-Random GeneratorChee-Seng Chow, Amir Herzberg
    USENIX Security '95Implementing a Secure rlogin Environment: A Case Study of Using a Secure Network Layer ProtocolGene H. Kim, Hilarie Orman, Sean O'Malley
    USENIX Security '95STEL: Secure TELnetDavid Vincenzetti, Stefano Taino, Fabio Bolognesi
    USENIX Security '95Session-Layer EncryptionMatt Blaze, Steven M. Bellovin
    USENIX Security '95File-Based Network Collaboration SystemToshinari Takahashi, Atsushi Shimbo, Masao Murota
    USENIX Security '95Providing Policy Control Over Object Operations in a Mach-Based SystemSpencer E. Minear
    USENIX Security '95Joining Security Realms: A Single Login for NetWare and KerberosWilliam A. Adamson, Jim Rees, Peter Honeyman
    USENIX Security '95Independent One-Time PasswordsAviel D. Rubin
    USENIX Security '95One-Time Passwords in Everything (OPIE): Experiences with Building and Using Strong AuthenticationDaniel L. McDonald, Randall J. Atkinson, Craig Metz, Kaman Sciences Corporation