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    USENIX ATC '00Mbuf Issues in 4.4BSD IPv6 Support--Experiences from the KAME IPv6/IPsec ImplementationJun-ichiro itojun Hagino
    USENIX ATC '00Malloc() Performance in a Multithreaded Linux EnvironmentDavid Boreham
    INE 2000Smartbox ArchitectureBülent Yener
    INE 2000Integrating Active Networking and Commercial-Grade Routing PlatformsR. Jaeger, S. Bhattachargee, K. Hollingsworth, T. Lavian, F. Travostino, R. Duncan
    INE 2000RSIP: Address Sharing with End-to-End SecurityMichael Borella, Gabriel E. Montenegro
    INE 2000Towards a Platform for Intelligent Activity at the EdgeHilarie Orman
    LISA '99Rapid CORBA Server Development in Tcl: A Case StudyJason Brazile, Andrej Vckovski
    LISA '99AGNI: A Multi-threaded Middleware for Distributed ScriptingM. Ranganathan, Marc Bednarek, Fernand Pors, Doug Montgomery
    LISA '99Introducing QoS Awareness in Tcl Programming: QTclRoberto Canonico, Maurizio D'Arienzo, Simon Pietro Romano, Giorgio Ventre
    LISA '99CollabWiseTk: A Toolkit for Rendering Stand-alone Applications CollaborativeHemang Lavana, Franc Brglez
    LISA '99GDBTk: Integrating Tcl/Tk into a Recalcitrant Command-line ApplicationJim Ingham
    LISA '99Tcl/Tk: A Strong Basis for Complex Load Testing SystemsAhmet Can Keskin, Till Immanuel Patzschke, Ernst von Voight
    LISA '99Using Tcl to Build a Buzzword-Compliant Environment That Glues Together Legacy Analysis ProgramsCarsten H. Lawrenz, Rajkumar C. Madhuram
    LISA '99Proxy Tk: A Java Applet User Interface Toolkit for TclMark Roseman
    LISA '99The TclHttpd Web ServerBrent Welch
    LISA '99TkGecko: A Frill-Necked LizardSteve Ball
    LISA '99Scriptics Connect Eric Melski, Scott Stanton, John Ousterhout
    LISA '99Supporting Information Awareness Using Animated WidgetsD. Scott McCrickard, Q. Alex Zhao
    LISA '99Collaborative Client-Server Architectures in Tcl/Tk: A Class Project Experiment and ExperienceZhi Fu, Debabrata Ghosh, Lorie I. Moffitt, Steve Nelson, J. Marshall Smith, Jun Zhou
    LISA '99Scripted Documents
    LISA '99The Tcl Extension ArchitectureMichael Thomas
    LISA '99XOTcl—An Object-Oriented Scripting LanguageGustaf Neumann, Uwe Zdun
    LISA '99A Multi-Threaded Server for Shared Hash Table Access
    LISA '99Feather: Teaching Tcl Objects to FlyPaul Duffin
    USITS '99Scalable Web Caching of Frequently Updated Objects Using Reliable Multicast Dan Li, David R. Cheriton