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    EC '98Internet AuctionsManoj Kumar, Stuart I. Feldman
    EC '98Electronic Auctions with Private BidsMichael Harkavy, J. D. Tygar, Hiroaki Kikuchi
    LISA-NT '98Compaq's New Engineering Compute Farm Environment: Moving Forward With Windows NTDon Brace, Andrew Gordon, Scott Teel
    LISA-NT '98Designing an Optimized Enterprise Backup Solution With Intelligent Data ManagementKevin Workman, Steven Downs, Mikel Featherstone, Earl Waud
    LISA-NT '98A Comparison of Large Scale Software Installation on NT and UNIXMichail Gomberg, Remy Evard, Craig Stacey
    LISA-NT '98Patch32: A System for Automated Client OS UpdatesGerald Carter
    LISA-NT '98Monitoring Usage in an NT Workstation LabPaul Kranenburg
    LISA-NT '98File System Security: Secure Network Data Sharing for NT and UnixBridget Allison, Rob Hawley, Andrea Borr, Mark Muhlestein, Dave Hitz
    LISA-NT '98NT 3.5 / 4.0 Domains for UNIXLuke Kenneth Casson Leighton
    LISA-NT '98AutoInstall for NT: Complete NT Installation Over the NetworkRobert Fulmer, Alex Levine
    LISA-NT '98Providing Reliable NT Desktop Services by Avoiding NT ServerThomas A Limoncelli, Robert Fulmer, Thomas Reingold, Alex Levine, Ralph Loura
    LISA-NT '98Software Distribution to PC Clients in a Common Enterprise NetworkCameron D. Luerkens, H. John Cole, Danielle R. Legg
    2nd USENIX Windows NT SymposiumSecureShare: Safe UNIX/Windows File Sharing through Multiprotocol LockingAndrea J. Borr
    2nd USENIX Windows NT SymposiumHarnessing User-Level Networking Architectures for Distributed Object Computing Over High-Speed NetworksRajesh Sankaran, Calton Pu, Hemal V. Shah
    2nd USENIX Windows NT SymposiumImplementing IPv6 for Windows NTRichard P. Draves, Allison Mankin, Brian D. Zill
    2nd USENIX Windows NT SymposiumA Soft Real-time Scheduling Server on Windows NTChih-han Lin, Hao-hua Chu, Klara Nahrstedt
    2nd USENIX Windows NT SymposiumVassal: Loadable Scheduler Support for Multi-Policy SchedulingGeorge M. Candea, Michael B. Jones
    2nd USENIX Windows NT SymposiumA Performance Study of Sequential I/O on Windows NT 4.0Erik Riedel, Catharine van Ingen, Jim Gray
    2nd USENIX Windows NT SymposiumCygwin32: A Free UNIX Porting Layer for Win32Geoffrey J. Noer
    2nd USENIX Windows NT SymposiumWin32 API Emulation on UNIX for Software DSMSven M. Paas, Thomas Bemmerl, Karsten Scholtyssik
    2nd USENIX Windows NT SymposiumNT-SwiFT: Software Implemented Fault Tolerance for Windows NTYennun Huang, P. Emerald Chung, Chandra Kintala, De-Ron Liang, Chung-Yih Wang
    2nd USENIX Windows NT SymposiumA Thread Performance Comparison: Windows NT and Solaris on a Symmetric MultiprocessorFabian Zabatta, Kevin Ying
    2nd USENIX Windows NT SymposiumA System for Structured High-Performance Multithreaded Programming in Windows NTJohn Thornley, K. Mani Chandy, Hiroshi Ishii
    2nd USENIX Windows NT SymposiumA Transparent Checkpoint Facility On NTJohny Srouji, Paul Schuster, Maury Bach, Yulik Kuzmin
    2nd USENIX Windows NT SymposiumRACC: An Approach to Cluster-Based Web ServersXiaolan Zhang, Ravi Shanmugan, Michael Barreintos, J. Bradley Chen