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    Windows NT 3rd SymposiumHACC: An Architecture for Cluster-Based Web ServersXiaolan Zhang, Michael Barrientos, J. Bradley Chen
    Windows NT 3rd SymposiumA Technique for Reducing Startup Latency in Mobile and Desktop ApplicationsDennis Lee, Jean-Loup Baer, Brian Bershad, Tom Anderson
    USENIX ATC '99Implementing Lottery Scheduling: Matching the Specializations in Traditional SchedulersDavid Petrou, John W. Milford, Garth A. Gibson
    USENIX ATC '99Retrofitting Quality of Service into a Time-Sharing Operating SystemJohn Bruno, José Brustoloni, Eran Gabber, Banu Özden, Abraham Silberschatz
    USENIX ATC '99Adaptive Modem Connection LifetimesFred Douglis, Tom Killian
    USENIX ATC '99Soft Updates: A Technique for Eliminating Most Synchronous Writes in the Fast FilesystemMarshall Kirk McKusick, Gregory R. Ganger
    USENIX ATC '99Design and Implementation of a Transaction-Based Filesystem on FreeBSDJason Evans
    USENIX ATC '99Operation-based Update Propagation in a Mobile File SystemYui-Wah Lee, Kwong-Sak Leung, Mahadev Satyanarayanan
    USENIX ATC '99Extending File Systems Using Stackable TemplatesErez Zadok, Ion Badulescu, Alex Shender
    USENIX ATC '99Why Does File System Prefetching Work?Elizabeth Shriver, Christopher Small, Keith A. Smith
    USENIX ATC '99Standalone Device Drivers in LinuxTheodore Ts'o
    USENIX ATC '99Design and Implementation of Firewire Device Driver on FreeBSDKatsushi Kobayashi
    USENIX ATC '99newconfig: A Dynamic-Configuration Framework for FreeBSDAtsushi Furuta, Jun-ichiro Itoh
    USENIX ATC '99The Region Trap Library: Handling Traps on Application-Defined Regions of MemoryTim Brecht, University of Waterloo, Harjinder Sandhu, York University
    USENIX ATC '99The Case for Compressed Caching in Virtual Memory SystemsPaul R. Wilson, Scott F. Kaplan, Yannis Smaragdakis
    USENIX ATC '99The UVM Virtual Memory SystemCharles D. Cranor, Gurudatta M. Parulkar
    USENIX ATC '99The Vinum Volume ManagerGreg Lehey
    USENIX ATC '99Porting the Coda File System to WindowsPeter J. Braam, Michael J. Callahan, M. Satyanarayanan, Marc Schnieder
    USENIX ATC '99A Network File System Over HTTP: Remote Access/Modification of Files and "files"Oleg Kiselyov
    USENIX ATC '99A Future-Adaptable Password SchemeNiels Provos, David Mazières
    USENIX ATC '99Trapeze/IP: TCP at Near-Gigabit SpeedsAndrew Gallatin, Jeff Chase, Kenneth Yocum
    USENIX ATC '99Managing Traffic with ALTQKenjiro Cho
    USENIX ATC '99Opening the Source Repository with Anonymous CVSChuck Cranor
    USENIX ATC '99Lightweight Structured Text ProcessingRobert C. Miller, Brad A. Myers
    USENIX ATC '99SBOX: Put CGI Scripts in a BoxLincoln D. Stein