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    USENIX ATC '00Open Information PoolsJohan Pouwelse
    USENIX ATC '00Operating System Support for Multi-User, Remote, Graphical InteractionAlexander Ya-li Wong, Margo Seltzer
    USENIX ATC '00Techniques for the Design of Java Operating SystemsGodmar Back, Patrick Tullmann, Leigh Stoller, Wilson C. Hsieh, Jay Lepreau
    USENIX ATC '00Signaled Receiver ProcessingJosé Brustoloni, Eran Gabber, Abraham Silberschatz, Amit Singh
    USENIX ATC '00The GNOME Canvas: A Generic Engine for Structured GraphicsFederico Mena-Quintero, Raph Levien
    USENIX ATC '00Efficiently Scheduling X ClientsKeith Packard
    USENIX ATC '00The AT&T AST OpenSource Software CollectionGlenn S. Fowler, David G. Korn, Stephen S. North, Kiem-Phong Vo
    USENIX ATC '00DITools: Application-Level Support for Dynamic Extension and Flexible CompositionAlbert Serra, Nacho Navarro, Toni Cortes
    USENIX ATC '00Portable Multithreading--The Signal Stack Trick for User-Space Thread CreationRalf S. Engelschall
    USENIX ATC '00Transparent Run-Time Defense Against Stack-Smashing AttacksArash Baratloo, Navjot Singh, Timothy Tsai
    USENIX ATC '00Implementing Internet Key Exchange, IKENiklas Hallqvist, Angelos D. Keromytis
    USENIX ATC '00Transparent Network Security Policy EnforcementJason L. Wright
    USENIX ATC '00Safety Checking of Kernel Extensions
    USENIX ATC '00Towards Availability Benchmarks: A Case Study of Software RAID SystemsDavid A. Patterson
    USENIX ATC '00Performing Replacement in Modem PoolsYannis Smaragdakis, Paul Wilson
    USENIX ATC '00Auto-Diagnosis of Field Problems in an Appliance Operating SystemGaurav Banga
    USENIX ATC '00An Operating System in Java for the Lego Mindstorms RCX MicrocontrollerPekka Nikander
    USENIX ATC '00LAP: A Little Language for OS EmulationDonn M. Seeley
    USENIX ATC '00Traffic Data Repository at the WIDE ProjectKenjiro Cho, Koushirou Mitsuya, Akira Kato
    USENIX ATC '00Dynamic Function Placement for Data-Intensive Cluster ComputingKhalil Amiri, David Petrou, Gregory R. Ganger, Garth A. Gibson
    USENIX ATC '00Scalable Content-Aware Request Distribution in Cluster-Based Network ServersMohit Aron, Darren Sanders, Peter Druschel, Willy Zwaenepoel
    USENIX ATC '00Isolation with Flexibility: A Resource Management Framework for Central ServersDavid G. Sullivan
    USENIX ATC '00JEmacs--The Java/Scheme-Based EmacsPer Bothner
    USENIX ATC '00A New Rendering Model for X
    USENIX ATC '00UBC: An Efficient Unified I/O and Memory Caching Subsystem for NetBSDChuck Silvers