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    COOTS '99Performance Patterns: Automated Scenario Based ORB Performance EvaluationSridhar Nimmagadda, Chanaka Liyanaarchchi, Douglas Niehaus, Anil Gopinath, Arvind Kaushal
    COOTS '99Object-Oriented Pattern-Based Parallel Programming with Automatically Generated FrameworksSteve MacDonald, Duane Szafron, Jonathan Schaeffer
    COOTS '99Intercepting and Instrumenting COM ApplicationsGalen C. Hunt, Michael L. Scott
    COOTS '99Implementing Causal Logging Using OrbixWeb InterceptionChanathip Namprempre, Jeremy Sussman, Keith Marzullo
    COOTS '99Quality of Service Aware Distributed Object SystemsSvend Frolund, Jari Koistinen
    COOTS '99Resource Control for Java Database ExtensionsGrzegorz Czajkowski, Tobias Mayr, Praveen Seshadri, Thorsten von Eicken
    COOTS '99Address Translation Strategies in the Texas Persistent StoreSheetal V. Kakkad, Paul R. Wilson
    ID '99Automated Intrusion Detection Methods Using NFRWenke Lee, Christopher Park, Salvatore J. Stolfo
    ID '99Preprocessor Algorithm for Network Management CodebookMinaxi Gupta, Mani Subramanian
    ID '99The Packet Vault: Secure Storage of Network DataCharles J. Antonelli, Matthew Undy, Peter Honeyman
    ID '99Real-Time Intrusion Detection and Suppression in ATM NetworksRicardo Bettati, Wei Zhao, Dan Teodor
    ID '99A Statistical Method for Profiling Network TrafficDavid Marchette
    ID '99Transaction-Based Anomaly DetectionRoland Buschkes, Mark Borning
    ID '99Analysis Techniques for Detecting Coordinated Attacks and ProbesTim Aldrich, Stephen Northcutt, Bill Ralph, John Green
    ID '99Intrusion Detection and Intrusion Prevention on a Large Network: A Case StudyTom Dunigan, Greg Hinkel
    ID '99An Eye on Network Intruder-Administrator ShootoutsLuc Girardin
    ID '99On Preventing Intrusions by Process Behavior MonitoringR. Sekar, Thomas Bowen
    ID '99Intrusion Detection Through Dynamic Software MeasurementSebastian Elbaum, John C. Munson
    ID '99Learning Program Behavior Profiles for Intrusion DetectionAnup Ghosh, Aaron Schwartzbard, Michael Schatz
    ID '99Experience with EMERALD Thus FarPhillip A. Porras, Peter G. Neumann, Teresa Lunt
    ID '99Defending Against the Wily Surfer -Web-Based Attacks and DefensesDan Klein
    NETA '99Keynote Address: "Home, Road and Work Have Merged Via the Internet" Norm Schryer
    NETA '99Driving via the Rearview Mirror: Managing a Network with Super MRTGJeff Allen
    NETA '99Don't Just Talk About the Weather -Manage It! A System for Measuring, Monitoring, and Managing Internet Performance and ConnectivityCindy Bickerstaff, Ken True, Charles Smothers, Tod Oace, Jeff Sedayao, Clinton Wong
    NETA '99Supporting H.323 Video and Voice in an Enterprise NetworkRandal Abler, Gail Wells