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    6th Annual Tcl/Tk ConferenceCreating a Multimedia Extension for Tcl Using the Java Media FrameworkMoses DeJong, Brian Bailey, Joseph A. Konstan
    6th Annual Tcl/Tk ConferenceVisualizing Personal Web Caches with CaubviewCharles L. Brooks, Murray S. Mazer, Frederick J. Hirsch
    6th Annual Tcl/Tk ConferenceEnhancing Interfaces with Animated WidgetsD. Scott McCriskard
    6th Annual Tcl/Tk ConferenceMobile StreamsM. Ranganathan, Laurent Andrey, Virginie Schall, Anurag Acharya
    6th Annual Tcl/Tk ConferenceTcl/Tk Program Development ToolsClif Flynt
    6th Annual Tcl/Tk ConferenceUsing Content-Derived Names for Package Management in TclEthan L. Miller, Kennedy Akala, Jeffrey K. Hollingsworth
    6th Annual Tcl/Tk ConferenceUsing Tcl to Rapidly Develop a Scalable Engine for Processing Dynamic Application LogicGreg Barish
    6th Annual Tcl/Tk ConferenceUsing Tcl to Script CORBA Interactions in a Distributed SystemMichael L. Miller, Srikumar Kareti
    EC '98Electronic Commerce and the Street PerformerJohn Kelsey, Bruce Schneier
    EC '98VarietyCash: A Multi-Purpose Electronic Payment SystemM. Bellare, J. Garay, C. Jutla, M.Yung
    EC '98NetCents: A Lightweight Protocol for Secure MicropaymentsTomi Poutanen, Heather Hinton, Michael Stumm
    EC '98The Auction Manager: Market Middleware for Large-Scale Electronic CommerceTracy Mullen, Michael P. Wellman
    EC '98Internet AuctionsManoj Kumar, Stuart I. Feldman
    EC '98Electronic Auctions with Private BidsMichael Harkavy, J. D. Tygar, Hiroaki Kikuchi
    EC '98A Resilient Access Control Scheme for Secure Electronic TransactionsJong-Hyeon Lee
    EC '98Trusting Trusted Hardware: Towards a Formal Model for Programmable Secure CoprocessorsSean W. Smith, Vernon Austel
    EC '98On Secure and Pseudonymous Client-Relationships with Multiple ServersDaniel Bleichenbacher, Eran Gabber, Phil Gibbons, Yossi Matias, Alain Mayer
    EC '98Secure WWW Transactions Using Standard HTTP and Java AppletsF. Bergadano, B. Crispo, M. Eccettuato
    EC '98SWAPEROO: A Simple Wallet Architecture for Payments, Exchanges, Refunds, and Other OperationsNeil Daswani, Dan Boneh, Hector Garcia-Molina, Steven Ketchpel, Andreas Paepcke
    EC '98The Eternal Resource Locator: An Alternative Means of Establishing Trust on the World Wide WebRoss J. Anderson, Václav Matyás Jr., Fabien A. Petitcolas
    EC '98Detecting Hit Shaving in Click-Through Payment SchemesMichael Reiter, AT&T Labs - Research, Vidod Anupam, Alain Mayer
    EC '98Sales Promotions on the InternetManoj Kumar, Anand Rangachari, Anant Jhingran, Rakesh Mohan
    EC '98General-purpose Digital Ticket FrameworkKo Fujimura, Yoshiaki Nakajima
    EC '98Towards a Framework for Handling Disputes in Payment SystemsN. Asokan, Els Van Herreweghen, Michael Steiner
    EC '98Electronic Commerce on the MoveJohn du Pre Gauntt