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    LISA '98Large Scale Print Spool ServiceIgnacio Reguero, David Foster, Ivan Deloose
    LISA '98mkpkg: A Software Packaging ToolCarl Staelin
    LISA '98SEPP, Software Installation and Sharing SystemTobias Oetiker
    LISA '98Synctree For Single Point Installation, Upgrades and OS PatchesJohn Lockard, Jason Larke
    LISA '98The Evolution of the CMD Computing Environment: A Case Study in Rapid GrowthLloyd Cha, Chris Motta, Syed Babar, Mukul Agarwal, Jack Ma, Waseem Shaikh, Istvan Marko
    LISA '98Computer ImmunologyMark Burgess
    LISA '98A Visual Approach for Monitoring LogsLuc Girardin, Dominique Brodbeck
    LISA '98Mailman: The GNU Mailing List ManagerJohn Viega, Barry Warsaw, Ken Manheimer
    LISA '98Drinking from the Fire(walls) Hose: Another Approach to Very Large Mailing ListsStrata Rose Chalup, Christine Hogan, Greg Kulosa, Bryan McDonald, Bryan Stansell
    LISA '98Request v3: A Modular, Extensible Task Tracking ToolJoe Rhett
    6th Annual Tcl/Tk ConferenceNBC's GEnesis Broadcast Automation System: From Prototype to ProductionS. J. Angelovich, Kevin B. Kenny, B. D. Sarachan
    6th Annual Tcl/Tk ConferenceAn Extensible Remote Graphical Interface for an ATM Network SimulatorMichael D. Santos, P. M. Melliar-Smith, L. E. Moser
    6th Annual Tcl/Tk ConferenceWinACIF: A Telecom IC Support Tool Using Tcl/TkDavid Karoly, Todd Copeland, David Gardner
    6th Annual Tcl/Tk ConferenceCharity Telethon Supported by Tcl/TkDave Griffin
    6th Annual Tcl/Tk ConferenceThe Tycho Slate: Complex Drawing and Editing in Tcl/TkH. John Reekie, Edward A. Lee
    6th Annual Tcl/Tk ConferenceIclient/Iserver: Distributed Objects using [incr Tcl]Lee F. Bernhard
    6th Annual Tcl/Tk ConferenceData ObjectsGeorge A. Howlett
    6th Annual Tcl/Tk ConferenceA Tcl-based Multithreaded Test HarnessPaul Amaranth
    6th Annual Tcl/Tk ConferenceUsing Tcl/Tk for an Automatic Test EngineC. Allen Flick, James Dixson
    6th Annual Tcl/Tk Conferencewshdbg - A Debugger for CGI ApplicationsAndrej Vckovski
    6th Annual Tcl/Tk ConferenceNeoWebScript: Enabling Webpages With Active Content Using TclKarl Lehenbauer
    6th Annual Tcl/Tk ConferenceXML Support For TclSteve Ball
    6th Annual Tcl/Tk ConferenceCreating High Performance Web Applications using Tcl, Display Templates, XML, and Database ContentAlex Shah, Tony Darugar
    6th Annual Tcl/Tk ConferenceWebWise Tcl/Tk: A Safe-Tcl/Tk-based Toolkit Enhanced for the World Wide WebHemang Lavana, Franc Brglez
    6th Annual Tcl/Tk ConferenceInternet-based Desktops in Tcl/Tk: Collaborative and RecordableAmit Khetawat