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    USENIX ATC '96A Comparison of OS Extension TechnologiesChristopher Small
    USENIX ATC '96An Extensible Protocol Architecture for Application-Specific NetworkingMarc E. Fiuczynski, Brian N. Bershad
    USENIX ATC '96Linux Device Driver Emulation in MachShantanu Goel, Dan Duchamp
    USENIX ATC '96Scalability in the XFS File SystemAdam Sweeney
    USENIX ATC '96A Comparison of FFS Disk Allocation PoliciesKeith A. Smith, Margo Seltzer
    USENIX ATC '96AFRAID--A Frequently Redundant Array of Independent DisksStefan Savage, John Wilkes
    LISA '95From Twisting Country Lanes to MultiLane Ethernet SuperHighwaysStuart McRobert
    LISA '95From Thinnet to 10base-T, From Sys Admin to Network Manager Arnold de Leon
    LISA '95Tracking Hardware Configurations in a Heterogeneous Network with syslogdRex Walters
    LISA '95OpenDist - Incremental Software DistributionPeter W. Osel, Wilfried Gnsheimer
    LISA '95filetsf: A File Transfer System Based on lpr/lpdJohn Sellens
    LISA '95Patch Control Mechanism for Large Scale Software Atsushi Futakata
    LISA '95Decentralising Distributed Systems AdministrationAoife Cox, Tim Hunter
    LISA '95SPM: System for Password Management Michael A. Cooper
    LISA '95AGUS: An Automatic Multi-Platform Account Generation SystemPaul Riddle Hughes, Paul Danckaert, Matt Metaferia
    LISA '95From Something to Nothing (and back) Gretchen Phillips
    LISA '95Metrics for ManagementChristine Hogan
    LISA '95SQL_2_HTML: Automatic Generation of HTML Database SchemasJon Finke
    LISA '95Administering Very High Volume Internet ServicesDan Mosedale, William Foss, Rob McCool
    LISA '95Bringing the MBONE Home: Experiences with Internal Use of Multicast-Based Conferencing ToolsArchibald C. R. Mott
    LISA '95LACHESIS: A Tool for Benchmarking Internet Service ProvidersJeff Sedayao, Kotaro Akita
    LISA '95Security Administration in an Open Networking EnvironmentKaren A. Casella
    LISA '95Multi-platform Interrogation and Reporting with RscanNathaniel Sammons
    LISA '95Exu - A System for Secure Delegation of Authority on an Insecure Network
    LISA '95Capital Markets Trading Floors, Current PracticeSam Lipson