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    DSL '99A Case for Source-Level Transformations in MATLABVijay Menon, Keshav Pingali
    DSL '99Using Java Reflection to Automate Extension Language ParsingDale E. Parson
    DSL '99DSL Implementation Using Staging and MonadsTim Sheard, Zine-el-abidine Benaissa, Emir Pasalic
    DSL '99Monadic RoboticsJohn Peterson, Greg Hager
    DSL '99Domain-Specific Embedded CompilersDaan Leijen, Erik Meijer
    DSL '99Verischemelog: Verilog Embedded in SchemeJames Jennings, Eric Beuscher
    DSL '99Declarative Specification of Data-Intensive Web Sites
    DSL '99A Collaboration Specification LanguageDu Li, Richard R. Muntz
    DSL '99Hancock: A Language for Processing Very Large-Scale DataDan Bonachea, Kathleen Fisher, Anne Rogers, Frederick Smit
    USENIX Security '99The Design and Analysis of Graphical PasswordsIan Jermyn, Alain Mayer, Fabian Monrose, Michael K. Reiter, Aviel Rubin
    USENIX Security '99Hand-Held Computers Can Be Better Smart CardsDirk Balfanz, Edward W. Felten
    USENIX Security '99Offline DelegationArne Helme, Tage Stabell-Kulø
    USENIX Security '99Vaulted VPN: Compartmented Virtual Private Networks on Trusted Operating SystemsTse-Huong Choo, Hewlett-Packard Laboratories Tse-Huong Choo
    USENIX Security '99Enforcing Well-Formed and Partially-Formed Transactions for UNIXDean Povey
    USENIX Security '99Synthesizing Fast Intrusion Prevention/Detection Systems from High-Level SpecificationsR. Sekar, Prem UppuluriR. Sekar
    USENIX Security '99Building Intrusion-Tolerant ApplicationsThomas Wu, Michael Malkin, Dan Boneh
    USENIX Security '99Brute Force Attack on UNIX Passwords with SIMD ComputerGershon Kedem, Yuriko Ishihara
    USENIX Security '99Antigone: A Flexible Framework for Secure Group CommunicationPatrick McDaniel, Atul Prakash, Peter Honeyman
    USENIX Security '99A Secure Station for Network Monitoring and Control
    USENIX Security '99The Flask Security Architecture: System Support for Diverse Security PoliciesRay Spencer, Stephen Smalley, Peter Loscocco, Mike Hibler, Dave Andersen, Jay Lepreau
    USENIX Security '99A Study in Using Neural Networks for Anomaly and Misuse DetectionAnup K. Ghosh, Aaron Schwartzbard
    USENIX Security '99The Design of a Cryptographic Security ArchitecturePeter Gutmann
    USENIX Security '99Why Johnny Can't Encrypt: A Usability Evaluation of PGP 5.0Alma Whitten, J. D. Tygar
    USENIX Security '99Jonah: Experience Implementing PKIX Reference FreewareMary Ellen Zurko, John Wray, Ian Morrison, Mike Shanzer, Mike Crane, Pat Booth, Ellen McDermott, Warren Macek, Ann Graham, Jim Wade, Tom Sandlin
    USENIX Security '99Scalable Access Control for Distributed Object SystemsDaniel F. Sterne, Gregg W. Tally, C. Durward McDonell, David L. Sherman, David L. Sames, Pierre X. Pasturel, E. John Sebes