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    xBook: Redesigning Privacy Control in Social Networking PlatformsUSENIX Security '09
    Nemesis: Preventing Authentication & Access Control Vulnerabilities in Web ApplicationsUSENIX Security '09
    Static Enforcement of Web Application Integrity Through Strong TypingUSENIX Security '09
    Compression, Correction, Confidentiality, and Comprehension: A Modern Look at Commercial Telegraph CodesUSENIX Security '09Steven M. Bellovin
    Vanish: Increasing Data Privacy with Self-Destructing DataUSENIX Security '09
    Efficient Data Structures for Tamper-Evident LoggingUSENIX Security '09
    VPriv: Protecting Privacy in Location-Based Vehicular ServicesUSENIX Security '09
    Top Ten Web Hacking Techniques of 2008: "What's possible, not probable"USENIX Security '09
    Effective and Efficient Malware Detection at the End HostUSENIX Security '09
    Protecting Confidential Data on Personal Computers with Storage CapsulesUSENIX Security '09
    Return-Oriented Rootkits: Bypassing Kernel Code Integrity Protection MechanismsUSENIX Security '09
    Hash Functions and Their Many Uses in CryptographyUSENIX Security '09
    Crying Wolf: An Empirical Study of SSL Warning EffectivenessUSENIX Security '09
    The Multi-Principal OS Construction of the Gazelle Web BrowserUSENIX Security '09
    Work-in-Progress Reports (WiPs)USENIX Security '09
    The New Jersey Voting-machine Lawsuit and the AVC Advantage DRE Voting MachineEVT/WOTE '09Andrew W. Appel, Maia Ginsburg, Harri Hursti, Brian W. Kernighan, Christina D. Richards, Gang Tan, Penny Venetis
    Opening Remarks and Best Paper AwardsUSENIX ATC '09Geoffrey M. Voelker, Alec Wolman
    Keynote Address: Where Does the Power Go in High-Scale Data Centers?USENIX ATC '09James Hamilton
    Satori: Enlightened Page SharingUSENIX ATC '09Grzegorz Miłoś, Derek G. Murray, Steven Hand, Michael A. Fetterman
    vNUMA: A Virtual Shared-Memory MultiprocessorUSENIX ATC '09Matthew Chapman, Gernot Heiser
    ShadowNet: A Platform for Rapid and Safe Network EvolutionUSENIX ATC '09Xu Chen, Z. Morley Mao, Jacobus Van der Merwe
    Teaching Computer Science in the CloudUSENIX ATC '09David J. Malan
    Design and Implementation of TCP Data Probes for Reliable and Metric-Rich Network Path MonitoringUSENIX ATC '09Xiapu Luo, Edmond W.W. Chan, Rocky K.C. Chang
    StrobeLight: Lightweight Availability Mapping and Anomaly DetectionUSENIX ATC '09James W. Mickens, John R. Douceur, William J. Bolosky, Brian D. Noble
    Hashing Round-down Prefixes for Rapid Packet ClassificationUSENIX ATC '09Fong Pong, Nian-Feng Tzeng