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    Moderated Collaboration to Modify Shared Files Among Wireless UsersFAST '09Surendar Chandra, Nathan Regola
    Probabilistic Reputation for Personal Trust NetworksFAST '09Avani Wildani, Ethan Miller
    Can Clustered File Systems Support Data Intensive Applications?FAST '09Rajagopal Ananthanarayanan, Karan Gupta, Prashant Pandey, Himabindu Pucha, Prasenjit Sarkar, Mansi Shah, Renu Tewari
    Data Destruction: How Can You Destroy Data and Prove It Is Destroyed?FAST '09Dan Pollack
    SmartStore: A New Metadata Organization Paradigm with Semantic-Awareness FAST '09Yu Hua, Hong Jiang, Yifeng Zhu, Dan Feng, Lei Tian
    Making the Most of Your SSD: A Case for Differentiated Storage ServicesFAST '09Michael Mesnier, Scott Hahn
    On the Consistability of Storage SystemsFAST '09 Xiaozhou Li
    Speedy and Scalable File-System Benchmarking with CompressionsFAST '09Nitin Agrawal, Andrea C. Arpaci-Dusseau, Remzi H. Arpaci-Dusseau
    Out-of-Place JournalingFAST '09Ping Ge, Saba Sehrish, Jun Wang
    Dynamic Resource Allocation for Database Servers Running on Virtual StorageFAST '09Gokul Soundararajan, Daniel Lupei, Saeed Ghanbari, Adrian Daniel Popescu, Jin Chen, Cristiana Amza
    PARDA: Proportional Allocation of Resources for Distributed Storage AccessFAST '09Ajay Gulati, Irfan Ahmad, Carl A. Waldspurger
    CA-NFS: A Congestion-Aware Network File SystemFAST '09Alexandros Batsakis, Randal Burns, Arkady Kanevsky, James Lentini, Thomas Talpey
    Sparse Indexing: Large Scale, Inline Deduplication Using Sampling and LocalityFAST '09Mark Lillibridge, Kave Eshghi, Deepavali Bhagwat, Vinay Deolalikar, Greg Trezise, Peter Camble
    Generating Realistic Impressions for File-System BenchmarkingFAST '09Nitin Agrawal
    Capture, Conversion, and Analysis of an Intense NFS WorkloadFAST '09Eric Anderson
    Spyglass: Fast, Scalable Metadata Search for Large-Scale Storage SystemsFAST '09Andrew W. Leung, Minglong Shao, Timothy Bisson, Shankar Pasupathy, Ethan L. Miller
    BORG: Block-reORGanization for Self-optimizing Storage SystemsFAST '09Medha Bhadkamkar, Jorge Guerra, Luis Useche, Sam Burnett, Jason Liptak, Vagelis Hristidis
    HYDRAstor: A Scalable Secondary StorageFAST '09Cezary Dubnicki, Leszek Gryz, Lukasz Heldt, Michal Kaczmarczyk, Wojciech Kilian, Przemyslaw Strzelczak, Jerzy Szczepkowski, Cristian Ungureanu, Michal Welnicki
    Smoke and Mirrors: Reflecting Files at a Geographically Remote Location Without Loss of PerformanceFAST '09Hakim Weatherspoon, Lakshmi Ganesh, Tudor Marian, Mahesh Balakrishnan, Ken Birman
    Cumulus: Filesystem Backup to the CloudFAST '09Michael Vrable, Stefan Savage, Geoffrey M. Voelker
    WorkOut: I/O Workload Outsourcing for Boosting RAID Reconstruction PerformanceFAST '09Suzhen Wu, Hong Jiang, Lei Tian, Bo Mao
    A Performance Evaluation and Examination of Open-Source Erasure Coding Libraries for StorageFAST '09James S. Plank, Jianqiang Luo, Catherine D. Schuman, Lihao Xu, Zooko Wilcox-O'Hearn
    Tiered Fault Tolerance for Long-Term IntegrityFAST '09Byung-Gon Chun, Petros Maniatis, Scott Shenker, John Kubiatowicz
    A Systematic Approach to System State Restoration during Storage Controller Micro-RecoveryFAST '09Sangeetha Seshadri, Lawrence Chiu, Ling Liu
    CLIC: CLient-Informed Caching for Storage ServersFAST '09Xin Liu, Ashraf Aboulnaga, Kenneth Salem, Xuhui Li