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    BotGraph: Large Scale Spamming Botnet DetectionNSDI '09Yao Zhao, Yinglian Xie, Fang Yu, Qifa Ke, Yuan Yu, Yan Chen, Eliot Gillum
    Unraveling the Complexity of Network ManagementNSDI '09Theophilus Benson, Aditya Akella, David Maltz
    NetPrints: Diagnosing Home Network Misconfigurations Using Shared KnowledgeNSDI '09Bhavish Aggarwal, Ranjita Bhagwan, Tathagata Das, Siddharth Eswaran, Venkata N. Padmanabhan
    Somniloquy: Augmenting Network Interfaces to Reduce PC Energy UsageNSDI '09Yuvraj Agarwal, Steve Hodges
    Skilled in the Art of Being Idle: Reducing Energy Waste in Networked SystemsNSDI '09Sergiu Nedevschi, Jaideep Chandrashekar, Junda Liu, Bruce Nordman, Sylvia Ratnasamy, Nina Taft
    Wishbone: Profile-based Partitioning for Sensornet ApplicationsNSDI '09Ryan Newton, Sivan Toledo, Lewis Girod, Samuel Madden
    Softspeak: Making VoIP Play Well in Existing 802.11 DeploymentsNSDI '09Patrick Verkaik, Rajesh Gupta, Alex C. Snoeren
    Block-switched Networks: A New Paradigm for Wireless TransportNSDI '09Ming Li, Devesh Agrawal, Deepak Ganesan
    NetReview: Detecting When Interdomain Routing Goes WrongNSDI '09Andreas Haeberlen, Ioannis Avramopoulos, Peter Druschel
    Making Routers Last Longer with ViAggreNSDI '09Hitesh Ballani, Paul Francis
    Symbiotic Relationships in Internet Routing OverlaysNSDI '09Cristian Lumezanu, Randy Baden, Neil Spring, Bobby Bhattacharjee
    Keynote Address: Cloud Storage FUD (Failure, Uncertainty, and Durability)FAST '09Alyssa Henry
    The Case of the Fake Picasso: Preventing History Forgery with Secure ProvenanceFAST '09Ragib Hasan, Radu Sion, Marianne Winslett
    Causality-Based VersioningFAST '09Kiran-Kumar Muniswamy-Reddy, David A. Holland
    Enabling Transactional File Access via Lightweight Kernel ExtensionsFAST '09Richard P. Spillane, Sachin Gaikwad, Manjunath Chinni, Erez Zadok, Charles P. Wright
    Understanding Customer Problem Troubleshooting from Storage System LogsFAST '09Weihang Jiang, Chongfeng Hu, Shankar Pasupathy, Arkady Kanevsky, Zhenmin Li, Yuanyuan Zhou
    DIADS: Addressing the "My-Problem-or-Yours" Syndrome with Integrated SAN and Database DiagnosisFAST '09Shivnath Babu, Nedyalko Borisov, Sandeep Uttamchandani, Ramani Routray, Aameek Singh
    Progress on FileBenchFAST '09Andrew Wilson
    When "More and More" Does Not Help: Sensible Partitioning of CacheFAST '09Hamza Bin Sohail
    Solving TCP Incast in Cluster Storage SystemsFAST '09Vijay Vasudevan, Hiral Shah, Amar Phanishayee, Elie Krevat, David Andersen, Greg Ganger, Garth Gibson
    Improving I/O Performance by Co-scheduling of I/O and Computation on Commodity-Based ClustersFAST '09Saba Sehrish, Grant Mackey, Jun Wang
    Predictable and Guaranteeable Performance with Throughput, Latency, and Firmness Controls in Buffer-CacheFAST '09Roberto Pineiro, Scott Brandt
    NFSv4 Proxy in User Space on a Massive Cluster Architecture: Issues and PerspectivesFAST '09Philippe Deniel
    Comparing the Performance of Different Parallel Filesystem Placement Strategies FAST '09Esteban Molina-Estolano, Carlos Maltzahn, Scott Brandt, John Bent
    Overlapped HPC Checkpointing with Hardware AssistFAST '09Christopher Mitchell, Jun Wang, James Nunez, Andrew Nelson