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    Weight, Weight, Don't Tell Me: Using Scales to Select Ballots for AuditingEVT/WOTE '09Cynthia Sturton, David Wagner
    Automating Voting Terminal Event Log AnalysisEVT/WOTE '09Tigran Antonyan, Seda Davtyan, Sotiris Kentros, Aggelos Kiayias, Laurent Michel, Nicolas Nicolaou, Alexander Russell, Alexander Shvartsman
    On the Security of Election Audits with Low Entropy Randomness EVT/WOTE '09Eric Rescorla
    Modern Exploitation and Memory Protection BypassesUSENIX Security '09Alexander Sotirov
    Opening Remarks and AwardsUSENIX Security '09Fabian Monrose
    Keynote Address Android: Securing a Mobile Platform from the Ground UpUSENIX Security '09
    Compromising Electromagnetic Emanations of Wired and Wireless KeyboardsUSENIX Security '09
    Peeping Tom in the Neighborhood: Keystroke Eavesdropping on Multi-User SystemsUSENIX Security '09
    A Practical Congestion Attack on Tor Using Long PathsUSENIX Security '09
    The Building Security in Maturity Model (BSIMM)USENIX Security '09Gary McGraw, Brian Chess
    Baggy Bounds Checking: An Efficient and Backwards-Compatible Defense against Out-of-Bounds ErrorsUSENIX Security '09
    Dynamic Test Generation to Find Integer Bugs in x86 Binary Linux ProgramsUSENIX Security '09
    NOZZLE: A Defense Against Heap-spraying Code Injection AttacksUSENIX Security '09
    Toward a New Legal Framework for CybersecurityUSENIX Security '09
    Detecting Spammers with SNARE: Spatio-temporal Network-level Automatic Reputation EngineUSENIX Security '09
    Improving Tor using a TCP-over-DTLS TunnelUSENIX Security '09
    Locating Prefix Hijackers using LOCKUSENIX Security '09
    Modern Exploitation and Memory Protection BypassesUSENIX Security '09Alexander Sotirov
    GATEKEEPER: Mostly Static Enforcement of Security and Reliability Policies for JavaScript CodeUSENIX Security '09
    Cross-Origin JavaScript Capability Leaks: Detection, Exploitation, and DefenseUSENIX Security '09
    Memory Safety for Low-Level Software/Hardware InteractionsUSENIX Security '09
    Designing Trustworthy User Agents for a Hostile WebUSENIX Security '09
    Physical-layer Identification of RFID DevicesUSENIX Security '09
    CCCP: Secure Remote Storage for Computational RFIDsUSENIX Security '09
    Jamming-resistant Broadcast Communication without Shared KeysUSENIX Security '09