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    An SSH-based Toolkit for User-based Network ServicesLISA '09Joyita Sikder, Manigandan Radhakrishnan, Jon A. Solworth
    Delay/Disruption Tolerant NetworkingLISA '09Keith Scott
    Towards Zero-Emission Datacenters Through Direct Reuse of Waste HeatLISA '09Bruno Michel
    Federated Access Control and Workflow Enforcement in Systems ConfigurationLISA '09Bart Vanbrabant, Thomas Delaet, Wouter Joosen
    CIMDIFF: Advanced Difference Tracking Tool for CIM Compliant DevicesLISA '09Ramani Routray, Shripad Nadgowda
    Transparent Mobile Storage Protection in Trusted Virtual DomainsLISA '09Luigi Catuogno, Hans Löhr, Mark Manulis, Ahmad-Reza Sadeghi, Marcel Winandy
    Visualizing DTrace: Sun Storage 7000 AnalyticsLISA '09Bryan Cantrill
    E Unum Pluribus: Google Network Filtering ManagementLISA '09Paul (Tony) Watson, Peter Moody
    Above the Clouds: A Berkeley View of Cloud ComputingLISA '09Armando Fox
    Frank Lloyd Wright Was Right!LISA '09Daniel V. Klein
    Keynote AddressEVT/WOTE '09Lawrence Norden
    Now Do Voters Notice Review Screen Anomalies? A Look at Voting System UsabilityEVT/WOTE '09Bryan A. Campbell, Michael D. Byrne
    Style Guide for Voting System Documentation: Why User-Centered Documentation Matters to Voting SecurityEVT/WOTE '09Dana Chisnell, Susan Becker, Sharon Laskowski, Svetlana Lowry
    E-Voting and Forensics: Prying Open the Black BoxEVT/WOTE '09Matt Bishop, Sean Peisert, Candice Hoke, Mark Graff
    Detecting Voter Fraud in an Electronic Voting Context: An Analysis of the Unlimited Reelection Vote in VenezuelaEVT/WOTE '09Inés Levin, Gabe A. Cohn, Peter C. Ordeshook, R. Michael Alvarez
    Can DREs Provide Long-Lasting Security? The Case of Return-Oriented Programming and the AVC AdvantageEVT/WOTE '09Stephen Checkoway, Ariel J. Feldman, Brian Kantor, J. Alex Halderman, Edward W. Felten, Hovav Shacham
    Understanding the Security Properties of Ballot-Based Verification TechniquesEVT/WOTE '09Eric Rescorla
    VoteBox Nano: A Smaller, Stronger FPGA-based Voting MachineEVT/WOTE '09Ersin Öksüzoǧlu, Dan S. Wallach
    Some Consequences of Paper Fingerprinting for ElectionsEVT/WOTE '09Joseph A. Calandrino, William Clarkson
    Invited TalkEVT/WOTE '09The Honorable Rush Holt (NJ)
    Voting Cryptography Tutorial for Non-CryptographersEVT/WOTE '09Ben Adida
    Electing a University President Using Open-Audit Voting: Analysis of Real-World Use of HeliosEVT/WOTE '09Olivier de Marneffe, Olivier Pereira, Jean-Jacques Quisquater
    Efficient Receipt-Free Ballot Casting Resistant to Covert Channels EVT/WOTE '09C. Andrew Neff
    On Subliminal Channels in Encrypt-on-Cast Voting SystemsEVT/WOTE '09Ariel J. Feldman, Josh Benaloh
    Permutations in Prêt à VoterEVT/WOTE '09Peter Y A Ryan, Vanessa Teague