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    Diffusion Dynamics of Games on Online Social NetworksWOSN 2010Xiao Wei, Jiang Yang, Lada A. Adamic, Ricardo Matsumura de Araújo, Manu Rekhi
    Outtweeting the Twitterers—Predicting Information Cascades in MicroblogsWOSN 2010Wojciech Galuba, Karl Aberer, Dipanjan Chakraborty, Zoran Despotovic, Wolfgang Kellerer
    Privacy Leakage in Mobile Online Social NetworksWOSN 2010Balachander Krishnamurthy, Craig E. Wills
    Don't Tread on Me: Moderating Access to OSN Data with SpikeStripWOSN 2010Christo Wilson, Alessandra Sala, Joseph Bonneau, Robert Zablit, Ben Y. Zhao
    Prediction Promotes Privacy in Dynamic Social NetworksWOSN 2010Smriti Bhagat, Graham Cormode, Divesh Srivastava
    A Geometric Model for On-line Social NetworksWOSN 2010Anthony Bonato, Jeannette Janssen, Paweł Prałat
    Distance Matters: Geo-social Metrics for Online Social NetworksWOSN 2010Salvatore Scellato, Cecilia Mascolo, Mirco Musolesi, Vito Latora
    Orion: Shortest Path Estimation for Large Social GraphsWOSN 2010Xiaohan Zhao, Haitao Zheng
    The Effects of Restrictions on Number of Connections in OSNs: A Case-Study on TwitterWOSN 2010Saptarshi Ghosh, Gautam Korlam, Niloy Ganguly
    Voice of the Customers: Mining Online Customer Reviews for Product Feature-based RankingWOSN 2010Kunpeng Zhang, Ramanathan Narayanan, Alok Choudhary
    I rate you. You rate me. Should we do so publicly?WOSN 2010Chun-Yuen Teng, Debra Lauterbach, Lada A. Adamic
    Measuring Online Service Availability Using TwitterWOSN 2010Marti Motoyama, Brendan Meeder, Kirill Levchenko, Geoffrey M. Voelker, Stefan Savage
    Opening Remarks and Awards PresentationNSDI '10Miguel Castro, Alex C. Snoeren
    Centrifuge: Integrated Lease Management and Partitioning for Cloud ServicesNSDI '10Atul Adya, John Dunagan, Alec Wolman
    Volley: Automated Data Placement for Geo-Distributed Cloud ServicesNSDI '10Sharad Agarwal, John Dunagan, Navendu Jain, Stefan Saroiu, Alec Wolman, Harbinder Bhogan
    Optimizing Cost and Performance in Online Service Provider NetworksNSDI '10Zheng Zhang, Ming Zhang, Albert Greenberg, Y. Charlie Hu, Ratul Mahajan, Blaine Christian
    Exploring Link Correlation for Efficient Flooding in Wireless Sensor NetworksNSDI '10Ting Zhu, Ziguo Zhong, Tian He, Zhi-Li Zhang
    Supporting Demanding Wireless Applications with Frequency-agile RadiosNSDI '10Lei Yang, Wei Hou, Lili Cao, Ben Y. Zhao, Haitao Zheng
    Contracts: Practical Contribution Incentives for P2P Live StreamingNSDI '10Michael Piatek, Arvind Krishnamurthy, Arun Venkataramani, Richard Yang, David Zhang, Alexander Jaffe
    Experiences with CoralCDN: A Five-Year Operational ViewNSDI '10Michael J. Freedman
    Whānau: A Sybil-proof Distributed Hash TableNSDI '10Chris Lesniewski-Laas, M. Frans Kaashoek
    Crom: Faster Web Browsing Using Speculative ExecutionNSDI '10James Mickens, Jeremy Elson, Jon Howell, Jay Lorch
    WebProphet: Automating Performance Prediction for Web ServicesNSDI '10Zhichun Li, Ming Zhang, Zhaosheng Zhu, Yan Chen, Albert Greenberg, Yi-Min Wang
    Mugshot: Deterministic Capture and Replay for JavaScript ApplicationsNSDI '10James Mickens, Jeremy Elson, Jon Howell
    AccuRate: Constellation Based Rate Estimation in Wireless NetworksNSDI '10Souvik Sen, Naveen Santhapuri, Romit Roy Choudhury, Srihari Nelakuditi