Finding Adversarial Inputs for Heuristics using Multi-level Optimization


Pooria Namyar, Microsoft and University of Southern California; Behnaz Arzani and Ryan Beckett, Microsoft; Santiago Segarra, Microsoft and Rice University; Himanshu Raj and Umesh Krishnaswamy, Microsoft; Ramesh Govindan, University of Southern California; Srikanth Kandula, Microsoft


Production systems use heuristics because they are faster or scale better than their optimal counterparts. Yet, practitioners are often unaware of the performance gap between a heuristic and the optimum or between two heuristics in realistic scenarios. MetaOpt is a system that helps analyze these heuristics. Users specify the heuristic and the optimal (or another heuristic) as input, and MetaOpt encodes these efficiently for a solver to find performance gaps and their corresponding adversarial inputs. Its suite of built-in optimizations helps it scale to practical problem sizes. We used MetaOpt to analyze heuristics from three domains (traffic engineering, vector bin packing, and packet scheduling). We found a production traffic engineering heuristic can require 30\% more capacity than the optimal in realistic cases. We modified the heuristic based on the patterns in the adversarial inputs MetaOpt discovered and reduced the performance gap by 12.5×. We examined adversarial inputs to a vector bin packing heuristic and proved a new lower bound on its performance.

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