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USENIX is fully committed to the Open Access to research movement. To that end, all videos of conference technical session presentations are now available to the general public on the USENIX website shortly after they take place. In addition, we have offered free online access to conference proceedings since 2008. Visit our proceedings page to check out the latest papers.

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    Network Imprecision: A New Consistency Metric for Scalable MonitoringOSDI '08Navendu Jain, Prince Mahajan, Dmitry Kit, Praveen Yalagandula, Mike Dahlin, Yin Zhang
    Lightweight, High-Resolution Monitoring for Troubleshooting Production SystemsOSDI '08Sapan Bhatia, Abhishek Kumar, Marc E. Fiuczynski, Larry Peterson
    Automating Network Application Dependency Discovery: Experiences, Limitations, and New SolutionsOSDI '08Xu Chen, Ming Zhang, Z. Morley Mao, Paramvir Bahl
    Corey: An Operating System for Many CoresOSDI '08Silas Boyd-Wickizer, Haibo Chen, Rong Chen, Yandong Mao, Frans Kaashoek, Robert Morris, Aleksey Pesterev, Lex Stein, Ming Wu, Yuehua Dai, Yang Zhang, Zheng Zhang
    CuriOS: Improving Reliability through Operating System StructureOSDI '08Francis M. David, Ellick M. Chan, Jeffrey C. Carlyle, Roy H. Campbell
    Redline: First Class Support for Interactivity in Commodity Operating SystemsOSDI '08Ting Yang, Tongping Liu, Emery D. Berger, Scott F. Kaplan, J. Eliot B. Moss
    DryadLINQ: A System for General-Purpose Distributed Data-Parallel Computing Using a High-Level LanguageOSDI '08Yuan Ylleyu, Michael Isard, Dennis Fetterly, Mihai Budiu, Úlfar Erlingsson, Pradeep Kumar Gunda, Jon Currey
    Everest: Scaling Down Peak Loads Through I/O Off-LoadingOSDI '08Dushyanth Narayanan, Austin Donnelly, Eno Thereska, Sameh Elnikety, Antony Rowstron
    Improving MapReduce Performance in Heterogeneous EnvironmentsOSDI '08Matei Zaharia, Andy Konwinski, Anthony D. Joseph, Randy Katz, Ion Stoica
    LISA Quiz ShowLISA '08Jeremy Allison
    System Administration and the Economics of PlentyLISA '08Tom Limoncelli
    Inside DreamWorks Animation Studios: A Look at Past, Present, and Future ChallengesLISA '08Sean Kamath, Mike Cutler
    Beyond VDI: Why Thin Client Computing and Virtual Desktop Infrastructures Aren't Cutting ItLISA '08Monica Lam
    "Standard Deviations" of the "Average" System AdministratorLISA '08Alva L. Couch
    Deterministic System AdministrationLISA '08Andrew Hume
    Designing, Building, and Populating a 10-Megawatt DatacenterLISA '08Doug Hughes
    The State of Electronic Voting, 2008LISA '08David Wagner
    WTFM: Documentation and the System AdministratorLISA '08Janice Gelb
    Fighting Spam with pfLISA '08Dan Langille
    OpenSolaris and the Direction of Future Operating SystemsLISA '08James Hughes
    Auditing UNIX File SystemsLISA '08Raphael Reich
    Mac OS X: From the Server Room to Your PocketLISA '08Jordan Hubbard
    An Open Audit of an Open Certification AuthorityLISA '08Ian Grigg
    Reconceptualizing SecurityLISA '08Bruce Schneier