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    Security and SRE: Natural Force MultipliersSREcon18 AmericasCory Scott
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    Antics, Drift, and ChaosSREcon18 AmericasLorin Hochstein
    Real World SLOs and SLIs: A Deep DiveSREcon18 AmericasMatthew Flaming, Elisa Binette
    How Not to Go Boom: Lessons for SREs from Oil RefineriesSREcon18 AmericasEmil Stolarsky
    Learning at Scale Is Hard! Outage Pattern Analysis and Dirty DataSREcon18 AmericasTanner Lund
    Lessons Learned from Our Main Database Migrations at FacebookSREcon18 AmericasYoshinori Matsunobu
    Stable and Accurate Health-Checking of Horizontally-Scaled ServicesSREcon18 AmericasLorenzo Saino
    Bootstrapping an SRE Team: Effecting Culture Change and Leveraging Diverse Skill SetsSREcon18 AmericasAaron Wieczorek
    SparkPost: The Day the DNS DiedSREcon18 AmericasJeremy Blosser
    Beyond Burnout: Mental Health and Neurodiversity in EngineeringSREcon18 AmericasJames Meickle
    If You Don’t Know Where You’re Going, It Doesn’t Matter How Fast You Get ThereSREcon18 AmericasNicole Forsgren, Jez Humble
    Why Work with a Tech Writer?SREcon17 EuropeBetsy (Adrienne) Beyer
    How We Try to Make a Lion Bulletproof; Setting Up SRE in a Global Financial OrganizationSREcon17 EuropeJanna Brummel, Robin van Zijll
    Persistent SRE Antipatterns: Pitfalls On the Road to Creating a Successful SRE Program Like Netflix and GoogleSREcon17 EuropeJonah Horowitz, Blake Bisset
    100 Teams, 100 Ways to FailSREcon17 EuropeJohn Keiser, Ben Broderick Phillips
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