How We Try to Make a Lion Bulletproof; Setting Up SRE in a Global Financial Organization

Thursday, 2017, August 31 - 09:0009:50

Janna Brummel and Robin van Zijll, ING


By now, most of us have read the O’Reilly book about Google SRE or have heard of other tech companies’ SRE teams. Our story is about doing SRE in a more traditional and more regulated environment: in the largest bank in the Netherlands.

This talk will address the history, present and future of SRE within a financial institution with a BizDevOps way of working. In doing so, we will talk about how our journey started at SREcon in Dublin last year, why we wanted and need to do SRE within ING, how our SREs started, the distributed way of working of SRE within ING, what technologies we actually work with and why, and our plans for the future.

Lastly, we will share our SRE dos-and-donts after a year of experience. We hope our talk inspires engineers or tech leads to start doing SRE within their (possibly more traditional) company and that those who already implemented SRE can learn from our journey.

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