The Scientific Method for Resilience

Wednesday, March 16, 2022 - 4:10 pm4:30 pm

Christina Yakomin, Vanguard


Do you remember the Scientific Method from elementary school science class? It's time to dust off that knowledge and use it to your advantage to test your IT systems! In this session, you'll be re-introduced to the Scientific Method, and learn how Vanguard's software engineers and IT architects draw inspiration from it in their resilience testing efforts. They leverage a "Failure Modes and Effects Analysis" technique, in which engineers ask themselves questions about the failure modes of various technical components and develop hypotheses based on their expectations of how the system would behave. They use these conjectures as inputs into experimentation, and select chaos experiments accordingly to validate (or disprove!) their hypotheses.

Christina Yakomin, Vanguard

Christina is a Senior Site Reliability Engineering Specialist in Vanguard's Chief Technology Office. She has worked at the company's Malvern, PA headquarters since graduating from Villanova University with an undergraduate degree in Computer Science. Throughout her career, she has developed an expansive skill set in front- and back-end web development, as well as cloud infrastructure and automation, with a specialization in Site Reliability Engineering. She has earned several Amazon Web Services certifications, including the Solutions Architect - Professional. Christina has also worked closely with the Women's Initiative for Leadership Success at Vanguard, both internally at the company and externally in the local community, to further the career advancement of women and girls - in particular within the tech industry. In her spare time (and when it is safe to do so!), Christina is passionate about traveling; she has visited over 20 different countries and 25 U.S. states so far!

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