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    USENIX Security '23Guarding Serverless Applications with Kalium
    USENIX Security '23DynSQL: Stateful Fuzzing for Database Management Systems with Complex and Valid SQL Query Generation
    USENIX Security '23Security and Privacy Failures in Popular 2FA Apps
    USENIX Security '23Hash Gone Bad: Automated discovery of protocol attacks that exploit hash function weaknesses
    USENIX Security '23Combating Robocalls with Phone Virtual Assistant Mediated Interaction
    USENIX Security '23Examining Consumer Reviews to Understand Security and Privacy Issues in the Market of Smart Home Devices
    USENIX Security '23A Study of Multi-Factor and Risk-Based Authentication Availability
    USENIX Security '23Isolated and Exhausted: Attacking Operating Systems via Site Isolation in the Browser
    USENIX Security '23Internet Service Providers' and Individuals' Attitudes, Barriers, and Incentives to Secure IoT
    USENIX Security '23CacheQL: Quantifying and Localizing Cache Side-Channel Vulnerabilities in Production Software
    USENIX Security '23“If sighted people know, I should be able to know:” Privacy Perceptions of Bystanders with Visual Impairments around Camera-based Technology
    USENIX Security '23Access Denied: Assessing Physical Risks to Internet Access Networks
    USENIX Security '23An Efficient Design of Intelligent Network Data Plane
    USENIX Security '23AIFORE: Smart Fuzzing Based on Automatic Input Format Reverse Engineering
    USENIX Security '23Inducing Authentication Failures to Bypass Credit Card PINs
    USENIX Security '23Silent Spring: Prototype Pollution Leads to Remote Code Execution in Node.js
    USENIX Security '23Reassembly is Hard: A Reflection on Challenges and Strategies
    USENIX Security '23PCAT: Functionality and Data Stealing from Split Learning by Pseudo-Client Attack
    USENIX Security '23VulChecker: Graph-based Vulnerability Localization in Source Code
    USENIX Security '23One Server for the Price of Two: Simple and Fast Single-Server Private Information Retrieval
    USENIX Security '23Exploring User Reactions and Mental Models Towards Perceptual Manipulation Attacks in Mixed Reality
    USENIX Security '23Eavesdropping Mobile App Activity via Radio-Frequency Energy Harvesting
    USENIX Security '23Device Tracking via Linux’s New TCP Source Port Selection Algorithm
    USENIX Security '23The Writing on the Wall and 3D Digital Twins: Personal Information in (not so) Private Real Estate
    USENIX Security '23PrivTrace: Differentially Private Trajectory Synthesis by Adaptive Markov Models