Relation Mining Under Local Differential Privacy


Kai Dong, Zheng Zhang, Chuang Jia, Zhen Ling, Ming Yang, and Junzhou Luo, Southeast University; Xinwen Fu, University of Massachusetts Lowell


Existing local differential privacy (LDP) techniques enable untrustworthy aggregators to perform only very simple data mining tasks on distributed private data, including statistical estimation and frequent item mining. There is currently no general LDP method that discovers relations between items. The main challenge lies in the curse of dimensionality, as the quantity of values to be estimated in mining relations is the square of the quantity of values to be estimated in mining item-level knowledge, leading to a considerable decrease in the final estimation accuracy. We propose LDP-RM, the first relation mining method under LDP. It represents items and relations in a matrix and utilizes singular value decomposition and low rank approximation to reduce the number of values to estimate from O(k2) to O(r), where k is the number of all considered items, and r < k is a parameter determined by the aggregator, signifying the rank of the approximation. LDP-RM serves as a fundamental privacy-preserving method for enabling various complex data mining tasks.

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