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    Verifying Compliance of Trusted ProgramsUSENIX Security '08Sandra Rueda, Dave King, Trent Jaeger
    Helios: Web-based Open-Audit VotingUSENIX Security '08Ben Adida
    VoteBox: A Tamper-evident, Verifiable Electronic Voting SystemUSENIX Security '08Daniel Sandler, Kyle Derr, Dan S. Wallach
    The Ghost in the Browser and Other Frightening Stories About Web MalwareUSENIX Security '08Niels Provos
    An Empirical Security Study of the Native Code in the JDKUSENIX Security '08Gang Tan, Jason Croft
    AutoISES: Automatically Inferring Security Specification and Detecting ViolationsUSENIX Security '08Lin Tan, Xiaolan Zhang, Xiao Ma, Weiwei Xiong, Yuanyuan Zhou
    Real-World Buffer Overflow Protection for Userspace & KernelspaceUSENIX Security '08Michael Dalton, Hari Kannan, Christos Kozyrakis
    Managing Insecurity: Practitioner Reflections on Social Costs of SecurityUSENIX Security '08Darren Lacey
    Decoupling Dynamic Program Analysis from Execution in Virtual EnvironmentsUSENIX ATC '08Jim Chow, Tal Garfinkel, Peter M. Chen
    Protection Strategies for Direct Access to Virtualized I/O DevicesUSENIX ATC '08Paul Willmann, Scott Rixner, Alan L. Cox
    Bridging the Gap between Software and Hardware Techniques for I/O VirtualizationUSENIX ATC '08Jose Renato Santos, Yoshio Turner, G. (John) Janakiraman, Ian Pratt
    Free and Open Source as Viewed by a Processor DeveloperUSENIX ATC '08Peter Kronowitt
    Idle Read After Write—IRAWUSENIX ATC '08Alma Riska, Erik Riedel
    Design Tradeoffs for SSD PerformanceUSENIX ATC '08Nitin Agrawal, Vijayan Prabhakaran, Ted Wobber, John D. Davis, Mark Manasse, Rina Panigrahy
    Context-Aware Mechanisms for Reducing Interactive Delays of Energy Management in DisksUSENIX ATC '08Igor Crk, Chris Gniady
    From Flapping Birds to Space Telescopes: The Modern Science of OrigamiUSENIX ATC '08Robert J. Lang
    Optimizing TCP Receive PerformanceUSENIX ATC '08Aravind Menon, Willy Zwaenepoel
    ConfiDNS: Leveraging Scale and History to Detect CompromiseUSENIX ATC '08Lindsey Poole, Vivek S. Pai
    Large-scale Virtualization in the Emulab Network TestbedUSENIX ATC '08Mike Hibler, Robert Ricci, Leigh Stoller, Jonathon Duerig, Shashi Guruprasad, Tim Stack, Kirk Webb, Jay Lepreau
    Millicomputing: The Future in Your Pocket and Your DatacenterUSENIX ATC '08Adrian Cockcroft
    FlexVol: Flexible, Efficient File Volume Virtualization in WAFLUSENIX ATC '08John K. Edwards, Daniel Ellard, Craig Everhart, Robert Fair, Eric Hamilton, Andy Kahn, Arkady Kanevsky, James Lentini, Ashish Prakash, Keith A. Smith, Edward Zayas
    Fast, Inexpensive Content-Addressed Storage in FoundationUSENIX ATC '08Russ Cox, Alex Pesterev
    Adaptive File Transfers for Diverse EnvironmentsUSENIX ATC '08Himabindu Pucha, Michael Kaminsky, David G. Andersen, Michael A. Kozuch
    Programming DNA: A 2-bit Language for Engineering BiologyUSENIX ATC '08Drew Endy
    A TCP-layer Name Service for TCP PortsUSENIX ATC '08Sérgio Freire, André Zúquete