Deploying Humans at the Edge of SRE

Thursday, December 08, 2022 - 3:50 pm4:20 pm AEDT

Jan Peuker, Stripe


SRE principles are fundamentally built around end-user happiness. But talking to actual end users and solving individual issues is commonly seen as reactive, toil, something product teams do or something to generalize and automate.

We are proposing to bring SRE principles and empathy into the end-user facing engineering community, focusing on SRE as a culture rather than a role or product (like a platform team). For that, we give an overview of common user-facing tech-adjacent roles, from sales to support. How they fit into your socio-technical system, and how to optimize your product user journeys for long-term user happiness. Ideally we also provoke some thoughts around SRE career paths and openness for uncommon backgrounds.

Jan Peuker, Stripe

Jan is an Integration Engineer at Stripe, based in Singapore. He keeps running stuff in a way that may resemble what is usually called Staff Engineer, Engineering Manager, Tech Lead, Architect, Data Engineer, Operations Engineer, DevOps, Support, Product Ops, Solution Engineer, Product Operations Manager or simply SRE - but can simply be summarized as “Must fix everything”. Which was the motto printed on his farewell mug from Google.

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