Release Engineering Best Practices at Google

Invited Talk
Thursday, November 12, 2015 - 4:00pm4:45pm

Dinah McNutt, Google


Google Release Engineers are specialists in a company that traditionally has a culture of cultivating generalists. This is a snapshot of where we currently are with respect to disciplines, technology and best practices.

This talk will describe Google’s philosophy of release engineering and disciplines within release engineering at Google. It will include some technical details on how we are using bazel to help with our release processes, branching strategies using Google technology, and our automated release system.

The target audience is anyone interested in learning more about release engineering or who is looking for ideas on ways to improve release processes. 

Dinah McNutt, Google

Dinah McNutt is a Release Engineer at Google, Inc. She has been involved with systems administration since the mid-1980’s. Some of her accomplishments include writing the Daemons & Dragons column for Unix Review Magazine, writing for SunExpert Magazine, Byte, and other publications. She has served on the LISA program committee several times including chairing the conference.

She has 20 years of commercial release engineering experience and has released all types of Unix-based software from shrink wrapped to web-based services to network appliances. She is the chair or URES ‘15 and was a keynote speaker at RELENG 2014.

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