LISA14 - Day Three

On building cross-functional teams through single code repos, soup, Golang, empathy and card games.

Greetings from LISA14

It wasn't the easiest cross-country trip I've ever made, but I've made it to my first LISA conference!

LISA14 - Day Two

On testing infrastructure code to reveal and prevent mistakes, and the difficulty of examining your own behaviour.

Sysadmin Skill Tiers, Hallway Track and Work

Morning - The Main Event: Skill Tiers Workshop

LISA14 - Day One

Learning statistics, the good and bad of things staying the same, and the joys of meeting good people in person.

Bleary Eyed CM and Piano

Mark Lamourine - 11:30pm PST, Seattle

Hello from LISA14! I got in late last night (Saturday, Nov 8) and didn't take my own advice.  I stayed up too late. Luckly I did get an hour or two of real sleep on the flight, but it made for a bleary morning.

Roundup of Women-Focused Activities at LISA14

As part of helping to create a community that’s inclusive and welcoming for everyone, LISA has several events throughout the week for women and allies. Read all about them here and start marking your calendars!

LISA14 - Day Zero

Zeroth day at LISA14!  I live in Vancouver, so travelling by bus was quick and simple...not like the people I met coming from the East Coast by plane, or by trans-continental train, or the folks I met from Belgium and Norway who were still up at (for them) 3 AM after a trans-Atlantic flight.  Found the hotel, found the (temporary) check-in desk for the conference (Metropolitan Ballroom, 3rd floor), and got my badge.  Woot!

Taking notes at LISA

You've finally made it: you're sitting in a room at LISA, waiting for that awesome tutorial to start. Or it's the workshop of your dreams -- you can't believe there are so many people interested in talking about that thing! Or it's the keynote: just you, a thousand of your closest friends, and one of your heroes about to drop wisdom from the stage. But I have bad news for you: you're not gonna remember any of it.

Taking care of yourself at LISA14

I’ve been going to LISA and USENIX ATC conferences for a long time.  A conference is an intense experience.  You have limited time and you want to want to meet everyone and see everything. While I enjoy the experience thoroughly, there have been times when I had less fun than I might have. If this is your first conference there are a few things you’ll want to think about both before you arrive and as the week goes on.


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