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Interview with Dinah McNutt, URES '14 program chair

URES '14In 2014, we will be holding our first USENIX Release Engineering Summit (URES '14). Dinah McNutt, program chair for URES '14, offers a preview of what to expect at this inaugural event.

Interview with Ratul Mahajan, NSDI '14 co-chair

As we're finalizing plans for FAST '14 later this month, we're also looking ahead toward upcoming USENIX conferences. In this interview, program co-chair Ratul Mahajan offers a preview of what to expect at the 11th USENIX Symposium on Networked Systems Design and Implementation (NSDI ’14), which will be held April 2-4 in Seattle, Washington.

Deadline Approaching for the LOPSA-East CFP

From our friends at LOPSA, a reminder that the Call for Participation deadline for LOPSA-EAST '14 is Friday, January 31, 2014. USENIX is pleased to be an in-cooperation sponsor.


The organizers of the LOPSA-East Professional IT Community Conference invite you to submit proposals for presentations at LOPSA-EAST '14!

FAST '14 Grants: Google sponsors grants for women

If you or a student you know wants a grant to attend FAST '14, don't procrastinate. The student grant application deadline is Thursday, January 16.

Intro to the Art of Balancing Professional and Personal

Intro to the Art of Balancing Professional and Personal is a guest post by Máirín “Mo” Duffy, the principal interaction designer at Red Hat. Mo explains what career considerations to keep in mind if you make a name change or decide to add on to your family. This article is the fourth installment in our new USENIX Women in Advanced Computing (WiAC) series:

USENIX Co-Executive Directors on 2014 Focus and Leadership Changes

Casey and Anne (at LISA '13)In this interview, the USENIX Association Co-Executive Directors, Anne Dickison and Casey Henderson, offer a preview of 2014 and announce a change in USENIX leadership.

Rikki: Tell us about what the Co-Executive Directors do for USENIX? How do you divide responsibilities?

Handling Community Conflict (Like a Boss)

Handling Community Conflict (Like a Boss) is a guest post by Emma Jane Westby, an author and trainer specializing in Drupal site building and theming materials. This article is the third installment in our new USENIX Women in Advanced Computing (WiAC) series:

New Year's Resolutions for SysAdmins

Ah, a new year, with old systems. If you recently took time off to relax with friends and family and ring in 2014, perhaps you're feeling rejuvenated and ready to break bad old habits and develop good new ones. We asked our friends and followers on Twitter, Facebook, and G+ what system administration resolutions they're making for 2014, and here's what they said:

Giving Tuesday: USENIX Annual Fund & Matching Donations

The USENIX Annual Fund is one way to support open access to research, and if your organization offers a matching donation program, you can double your support. If you aren't sure whether your organization offers a matching gift program, search here:

Annual Fund: Support USENIX and Open Access

Annual Fund letter from the USENIX Co-Executive Directors:

At USENIX, we believe in open access, in sharing research and ideas for the good of everyone. We have always been on the forefront of the open access movement by offering our conference proceedings to the public one year after publication. In 2008, we again set the standard by making our proceedings entirely free and open upon publication; we did the same with our conference videos in 2010.