Greetings from LISA14

It wasn't the easiest cross-country trip I've ever made, but I've made it to my first LISA conference!

After a great half-day in the office that feels like it was at least a week ago, and a flight that felt far longer than the 5.5 hours it was, I arrived in the lovely city of Seattle. I also didn't take Mark's advice and stayed up too late my first night, but I did take the time to enjoy some networking in the hallway track. There were quite a few familiar faces to be seen around the conference hotel in addition to so many new ones. I got to talk Chef with Jennifer Davis, who gave a great training session yesterday on Hadoop operations, chatted a bit with Tom Limoncelli about his new book, and even got to share stories about dealing with altitude sickness at conferences and having multi-colored hair. 

It was hard to tear myself away from all the conversations to be had, but between the jetlag and all the learning and coffee to be had in the morning, I need to get some rest. See you all tomorrow!