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    Flying LinuxUSENIX ATC '05Dan Klein
    Linux and JPL's Mars Exploration Rover Project: Earth-based Planning, Simulation, and Really Remote SchedulingUSENIX ATC '05Scott Maxwell, Frank Hartman
    Possible Futures for SoftwareUSENIX ATC '05Vernor Vinge
    Mac OS X Tiger: What's New for UNIX Users?USENIX ATC '05Dave Zarzycki
    Massively Multi-player Games and the Systems That Love ThemUSENIX ATC '05Mark Wirt
    NFSv4USENIX ATC '05Spencer Shepler
    Von Neumann's Universe: Digital Computing at the Institute for Advanced Study, 1945-1958 USENIX ATC '05George Dyson
    Computer Simulations of Thermal Convection and Magnetic Field Generation in Stars and PlanetsUSENIX ATC '05Gary Glatzmaier
    Lessons Learned from Howard Dean's Digital Campaign LISA '04Keri Carpenter, Tom Limoncelli
    A New Approach to Scripting LISA '04Trey Harris
    What Spammers Are Doing to Get Around Bayesian Filtering & What We Can Expect for the Future LISA '04John Graham-Cumming
    System Administration and Sex Therapy: The Gentle Art of DebuggingLISA '04David Blank-Edelman
    Keynote Address Going Digital at CNN LISA '04
    Nuclear Weapons, Permissive Action Links, and the History of Public Key CryptographyUSENIX Security '04Steve Bellovin
    I Voted? How the Law Increasingly Restricts Independent Security ResearchUSENIX Security '04Cindy Cohn
    Metrics, Economics, and Shared Risk at the National ScaleUSENIX Security '04Dan Geer
    The State of the SpamUSENIX ATC '04Eric Allman
    Debate: Is an Operating System Monoculture a Threat to Security?USENIX ATC '04Dan Geer, Scott Charney
    Cheap Hardware + Fault Tolerance = Web SiteUSENIX ATC '04Rob Pike
    Thinking Sensibly About Security in an Uncertain WorldUSENIX ATC '04Bruce Schneier
    Network Complexity: How Do I Manage All of This?USENIX ATC '04Eliot Lear
    Open Source and Proprietary Software: A Blending of CulturesUSENIX ATC '04Alan Nugent Facing a World CrisisLISA 2001William LeFebvre