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FAST '02

Sean Quinlan, Bell Labs, Lucent Technologies; Sean Dorward, Bell Labs, Lucent Technologies

LISA 2001

Mike Wyer, Imperial College; Susan Eisenbach, Imperial College

ALS '01

Ashish Palekar, Brocade Communications Systems, Inc.; Narendran Ganapathym, InterOperability Laboratory, University of New Hampshire; Anshul Chadda, InterOperability Laboratory, University of New Hampshire; Robert D. Russel, InterOperability Laboratory, University of New Hampshire

USENIX Security '01

David Moore, CAIDA; Geoffrey M. Voelker, University of California, San Diego; Stefan Savage, University of California, San Diego
Kevin Fu, MIT; Emil Sit, MIT; Kendra Smith, MIT; Nick Feamster, MIT


Matthew G. Schultz, Columbia University; Eleazar Eskin, Columbia University; Manasi Bhattacharyya, Columbia University; Salvatore J. Stolfo, Columbia University
Jeremy Sugerman, VMware Inc.; Ganesh Venkitachalam, VMware Inc.; Beng-Hong Lim, VMware Inc.
Bart Massey, Portland State University; Keith Packard, SuSE Inc.

JVM '01

Etienne M. Gagnon, McGill University; Laurie J. Hendren, McGill University

ALS 2000

Philip H. Carns, Clemson University; Walter B. Ligon III, Clemson University; Robert B. Ross, Argonne National Laboratory; Rajeev Thakur, Argonne National Laboratory

5th Annual Tcl/Tk Workshop 1997

OSDI '96

Todd C. Mowry, University of Toronto; Orran Krieger, University of Toronto; Angela K. Demke, University of Toronto
George C. Necula, Carnegie Mellon University; Peter Lee, Carnegie Mellon University

USENIX Winter 1993 Conference

Wayne A. Christopher, University of California at Berkeley ; Steven J. Procter, University of California at Berkeley ; Thomas E. Anderson, University of California at Berkeley
Steven McCanne, Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory ; Van Jacobson, Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory
Margo Seltzer, Harvard University; Keith Bostic, University of California, Berkeley; Marshall Kirk McKusick, University of California, Berkeley; Carl Staelin, Hewlett-Packard Laboratories