MongoDB: NoSQL Operations Hands-On

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Nuri Halprin taught the MongoDB: NoSQL Operations Hands On class this afternoon. The intent of this class was to give sysadmins a solid familiarization of MongoDB and those things near and dear to our heart: high-availability and disaster recovery.

RPM Packaging for Systems

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David Nally taught RPM Packaging for Systems this morning at LISA '12. There were a few absentees, but as David pointed out, it was early on a Sunday so some of that is to be expected. That didn't stop him though.

He opened up with a slide-deck to give background on why package management is a good thing, and why we as sysadmins need to be doing more of it. Not just RPM, but package-management of anything, be it .debs, Microsoft MSI's, or ruby Gems.

Meet the LISA '12 Instructors: Ben Lin on vCloud Architecture

Matt Simmons interviews LISA '12 instructor Ben Lin.

LISA '12 Reception: Shaken, not Stirred

Matt Simmons offers a preview of our party:

Every year, the reception at LISA is just a little different. Last year, the Back to the Future themed conference took us to the 1980s, where we had arcade machines and awesome toys from the time period.

This year, keeping with the Secret Agent theme, we're having a Shaken, Not Stirred reception, and USENIX has pulled out all the stops.

Meet the LISA '12 Instructors: David Blank-Edelman on Implementing WordPress

As we continue ramping up to LISA '12, we've posted a series of interviews with event organizers and instructors. In this installment, Matt Simmons interviews David Blank-Edelman.

Meet the LISA '12 Instructors: William LeFebvre on Using Amazon Web Services

In this interview, Matt Simmons talks to LISA '12 instructor William LeFebvre.

Prior to a couple of years ago, "in the cloud" meant a term of abstraction, coming from the network diagram icon, meaning "we don't control this area of the network". A cloud meant that you didn't know or care about it, for the purposes of the discussion at hand.

Meet the LISA '12 Speakers: Geoff Halprin on infrastructure provisioning, agile software development, and the one word that describes system administration

Geoff Halprin has a long history with USENIX, SAGE, and LISA and wrote the book on system administration. (Actually, he wrote a couple of books on system administration.) In this interview, Geoff offers a preview of his LISA '12 talks and provides tips for first-time LISA attendees. Geoff also picks a new word that best describes systems administration.

Meet the LISA '12 Instructors: Stuart Kendrick

In this interview, Ben Cotton talks with LISA '12 instructor Stuart Kendrick.

LISA attendees aren't the only ones who get excited when the conference approaches. Training instructors are also feeling a rush of emotion as LISA '12 nears. I recently spoke to first-time instructor Stuart Kendrick, who will be leading the new "Root Cause Analysis" class as part of the SuperSysadmin track.


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