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Discrimination vs. Social Footprints

On June 21, I saw a tweet that raised a red flag for me. On my personal G+ account, I wrote: "I saw this tweet today from a hiring manager: 'Just interviewed for a sysadmin. I'm struggling since she has no social footprint. Is that wrong, or should social be key?' What are your thoughts on a 'social footprint' requirement for sysadmins?"

30 Links: What Does Advanced Computing Have to Do With Sex?

Last week USENIX held its first Women in Advanced Computing Summit (WiAC '12) as part of its Federated Conferences Week. Videos from the event will be on our site soon. Meanwhile, here is a list of 30 recommended links.

Women in Advanced Computing Recommended Links Roundup:

On This Week in Tech History...

Peter Salus sent us this history to share:

June 13:

  • In 1831, James Clerk Maxwell is born
  • In 1942, the first V-2 rocket is launched at Peenemunde
  • In 1973, J. White issues RFC 524: "Proposed Mail Protocol"

June 14:

From the Vault: Steve Jobs Keynotes 1987 USENIX ATC

The 2012 USENIX Annual Technical Conference (ATC'12) takes place June 13-15 in Boston as part of our Federated Conferences Week.

USENIX News Roundup: June 5, 2012

I know it's hard to keep up with all our events, CFPs, registration deadlines, and news, so here are some highlights:

Access2Research Open Access Petition

By joining USENIX, members help support open access to research. Because USENIX is committed to the open access research movement, we offer free online access to conference proceedings and videos of our technical session presentations.

Women in Advanced Computing Summit Program Announced

The first Women in Advanced Computing Summit (WiAC'12) program is now available. Here's an overview, a nutshell:

Are You Ready for Federated Conferences Week?

Federated Conferences Week is about a month away: June 12-15 in Boston, Massachusetts.

Are you registered? Is your room booked?

Discounts are available for government and non-profit employees, USENIX members who are retirees, and for organizations sending more than 5 employees. If you are a USENIX member who is unemployed or particularly cash-strapped right now, email us to discuss our Hardship Discount:

USENIX Supports Open Access

Recently there has been a lot of discussion on the topic of open access to scholarly papers. Since 2008, USENIX has offered free online access to our conference proceedings. Please join us and help support open access to research.