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Lim G, Ahn J, Xiao W, Kwon Y, Jeon M.  2021.  Zico: Efficient GPU Memory Sharing for Concurrent DNN Training. 2021 {USENIX} Annual Technical Conference ({USENIX} {ATC} 21). :161--175.
Jeon M, Venkataraman S, Phanishayee A, Qian J, Xiao W, Yang F.  2019.  Analysis of Large-Scale Multi-Tenant GPU Clusters for DNN Training Workloads. 2019 {USENIX} Annual Technical Conference ({USENIX} {ATC} 19). :947--960.
Gu J, Chowdhury M, Shin KG, Zhu Y, Jeon M, Qian J, Liu H, Guo C.  2019.  Tiresias: A GPU Cluster Manager for Distributed Deep Learning. 16th {USENIX} Symposium on Networked Systems Design and Implementation ({NSDI} 19). :485--500.
Pekhimenko G, Guo C, Jeon M, Huang P, Zhou L.  2018.  TerseCades: Efficient Data Compression in Stream Processing. 2018 {USENIX} Annual Technical Conference ({USENIX} {ATC} 18). :307--320.
Miao H, Park H, Jeon M, Pekhimenko G, McKinley KS, Lin FXiaozhu.  2017.  StreamBox: Modern Stream Processing on a Multicore Machine. 2017 {USENIX} Annual Technical Conference ({USENIX} {ATC} 17). :617--629.