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Bhardwaj A, Kulkarni C, Achermann R, Calciu I, Kashyap S, Stutsman R, Tai A, Zellweger G.  2021.  NrOS: Effective Replication and Sharing in an Operating System. 15th {USENIX} Symposium on Operating Systems Design and Implementation ({OSDI} 21). :295--312.
Tai A, Smolyar I, Wei M, Tsafrir D.  2021.  Optimizing Storage Performance with Calibrated Interrupts. 15th {USENIX} Symposium on Operating Systems Design and Implementation ({OSDI} 21). :129--145.
Ponnapalli S, Shah A, Banerjee S, Malkhi D, Tai A, Chidambaram V, Wei M.  2021.  RainBlock: Faster Transaction Processing in Public Blockchains. 2021 {USENIX} Annual Technical Conference ({USENIX} {ATC} 21). :333--347.
Conway A, Gupta A, Chidambaram V, Farach-Colton M, Spillane R, Tai A, Johnson R.  2020.  SplinterDB: Closing the Bandwidth Gap for NVMe Key-Value Stores. 2020 {USENIX} Annual Technical Conference ({USENIX} {ATC} 20). :49--63.
Wei M, Tai A, Rossbach CJ, Abraham I, Munshed M, Dhawan M, Stabile J, Wieder U, Fritchie S, Swanson S et al..  2017.  vCorfu: A Cloud-Scale Object Store on a Shared Log. 14th {USENIX} Symposium on Networked Systems Design and Implementation ({NSDI} 17). :35--49.
Tai A, Wei M, Freedman MJ, Abraham I, Malkhi D.  2016.  Replex: A Scalable, Highly Available Multi-Index Data Store. 2016 {USENIX} Annual Technical Conference ({USENIX} {ATC} 16). :337--350.
Wei M, Rossbach C, Abraham I, Wieder U, Swanson S, Malkhi D, Tai A.  2016.  Silver: A Scalable, Distributed, Multi-versioning, Always Growing (Ag) File System. 8th {USENIX} Workshop on Hot Topics in Storage and File Systems (HotStorage 16).