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    USITS '99A User's and Programmer's View of the New JavaScript Security ModelVinod Anupam, David M. Kristol, Alain Mayer
    USITS '99Prefetching HyperlinksDan Duchamp
    USITS '99Mining Longest Repeated Subsequences to Predict World Wide Web SurfingJim Pitkow, Peter Pirolli
    USITS '99Secondary Storage Management for Web ProxiesEvangelos P. Markatos, Manolis G.H. Katevenis, Dionisis Pnevmatikatos, Michail Flouris
    USITS '99Compression Proxy Server: Design and ImplementationChi-Hung Chi, Jing Deng, Yan-Hong Lim
    USITS '99On the Performance of TCP Splicing for URL-Aware RedirectionAriel Cohen, Sampath Rangarajan, Hamilton Slye
    USITS '99Sting: A TCP-based Network Measurement ToolStefan Savage
    USITS '99JPEG Compression Metric as a Quality-Aware Image TranscodingSurendar Chandra, Carla Schlatter Ellis
    USITS '99The Ninja JukeboxIan Goldberg, Steven D. Gribble, David Wagner, Eric A. Brewer
    USITS '99Cha-Cha: A System for Organizing Intranet Search ResultsMichael Chen, Marti Hearst, Jason Hong, James Lin
    USITS '99A Document-based Framework for Internet Application ControlTodd D. Hodes, Randy H. Katz
    USITS '99Scalable Web Caching of Frequently Updated Objects Using Reliable Multicast Dan Li, David R. Cheriton
    USITS '99Hierarchical Cache Consistency in a WANJian Yin, Lorenzo Alvisi, Mike Dahlin, Calvin Lin
    USITS '99Organization-Based Analysis of Web-Object Sharing and CachingAlec Wolman, Geoff Voelker, Nitin Sharma, Neal Cardwell, Molly Brown, Tashana Landray, Denise Pinnel, Anna Karlin, Henry Levy
    DSL '99Declarative Specification of Data-Intensive Web Sites
    DSL '99A Collaboration Specification LanguageDu Li, Richard R. Muntz
    DSL '99Hancock: A Language for Processing Very Large-Scale DataDan Bonachea, Kathleen Fisher, Anne Rogers, Frederick Smit
    DSL '99Domain-Specific Embedded CompilersDaan Leijen, Erik Meijer
    DSL '99Verischemelog: Verilog Embedded in SchemeJames Jennings, Eric Beuscher
    DSL '99DSL Implementation Using Staging and MonadsTim Sheard, Zine-el-abidine Benaissa, Emir Pasalic
    DSL '99Monadic RoboticsJohn Peterson, Greg Hager
    DSL '99An Annotation Language for Optimizing Software LibrariesSamuel Z. Guyer, Calvin Lin
    DSL '99A Case for Source-Level Transformations in MATLABVijay Menon, Keshav Pingali
    DSL '99Using Java Reflection to Automate Extension Language ParsingDale E. Parson
    DSL '99Using Production Grammars in Software TestingEmin Guün Sirer, Brian N. Bershad