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    FOCI '14Catching Bandits and Only Bandits: Privacy-Preserving Intersection Warrants for Lawful SurveillanceAaron Segal, Bryan Ford, Joan Feigenbaum
    FOCI '14Symmetric Disclosure: a Fresh Look at k-anonymityEJ Infeld
    FOCI '14An Internet with BRICS Characteristics: Data Sovereignty and the Balkanisation of the InternetDana Polatin-Reuben, Joss Wright
    FOCI '13Five Incidents, One Theme: Twitter Spam as a Weapon to Drown Voices of ProtestJohn-Paul Verkamp, Minaxi Gupta
    FOCI '13Internet Censorship in Iran: A First LookSimurgh Aryan, Homa Aryan, J. Alex Halderman
    FOCI '13Towards Illuminating a Censorship Monitor's Model to Facilitate EvasionSheharbano Khattak, Mobin Javed, Philip D. Anderson, Vern Paxson
    FOCI '13Towards a Censorship Analyser for TorPhilipp Winter
    FOCI '13Building Dissent Networks: Towards Effective Countermeasures against Large-Scale Communications BlackoutsShaddi Hasan, Yahel Ben-David, Giulia Fanti, Eric Brewer, Scott Shenker
    FOCI '13Towards Provably-Secure Scalable Anonymous BroadcastMahdi Zamani, Jared Saia, Mahnush Movahedi, Joud Khoury
    FOCI '13Lost in the Edge: Finding Your Way with DNSSEC SignpostsCharalampos Rotsos, Heidi Howard, David Sheets, Richard Mortier, Anil Madhavapeddy, Amir Chaudhry, Jon Crowcroft
    FOCI '13Reducing Latency in Tor Circuits with Unordered DeliveryMichael F. Nowlan, David Isaac Wolinsky, Bryan Ford
    FOCI '12Inferring Mechanics of Web Censorship Around the World
    FOCI '12How the Great Firewall of China is Blocking Tor
    FOCI '12One-Way Indexing for Plausible Deniability in Censorship Resistant Storage
    FOCI '12Bootstrapping Communications into an Anti-Censorship System
    FOCI '12vpwns: Virtual Pwned Networks
    FOCI '12Internet Filtering in Liberal Democracies
    FOCI '12OONI: Open Observatory of Network Interference
    FOCI '12Communications Disruption & Censorship under International Law: History Lessons
    FOCI '12Whiskey, Weed, and Wukan on the World Wide Web: On Measuring Censors' Resources and Motivations
    FOCI '12Protecting Free and Open Communications on the Internet Against Man-in-the-Middle Attacks on Third-Party Software: We’re FOCI’d