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Get the USENIX Logo

We've had several requests for an official button that you can put on your Web pages to link back here. We also have the USENIX logo for print in PDF format. The button and installation instructions are below. Before scrolling down there, please be clear that:

  • USENIX is a trademark of the USENIX Association. Permission to use the button and/or logo below constitutes a trademark license which can be revoked by the USENIX Association if the limitations on use are not respected.
  • To use these buttons on your web page, you must be a member of the USENIX Association or have permission from USENIX.
  • The USENIX Association reserves the sole right to request that you remove the button from your page for any reason. By installing the button on your page you agree to comply with any removal request.
  • The button may only be used to point to the front page of the USENIX Web server, i.e.
  • The button must be displayed on your page with no change from the original shown here and with no extra surrounding text.

All clear? OK, now you can install the Web button or use the print logo.

Web Button Installation

The easiest way to install a button is to cut and paste the HTML that we show on this page into your own page. It may be prudent to collapse the HTML into a single source line. Incidentally, if you are wondering why the HTML code below looks small, then you are probably using Internet Explorer which fails to set the font sizes for code sections appropriately.

However, by cutting and pasting the HTML, you will make any browser that looks at your page retrieve the PNG from our server. To obtain a copy of the PNG so you can distribute it yourself, point the mouse at the PNG you want, press the appropriate button (the right button for most PC and UNIX browsers), and you will be given a dialog box that enables you to save the file. Then change the src="..." section in your installed HTML to reflect the location of the PNG on your server.

USENIX Logo in Full Color for Web

The USENIX Association

To install:

USENIX Logo in Black for Web

The USENIX Association

To install:

USENIX Logo in White for Web (black background for preview only)

The USENIX Association

To install:

USENIX Logo for Print

Here are the print versions of the USENIX logo. All logos are in PDF format and fully scalable. Each ZIP file contains two logos, one of which contains our tagline. You may use either version to suit your needs.

For multi-color publications, use the full-color logo.

For black and white, the black logo is available below.

For one-color applications, please use the red logo. The color is PMS186.