SREcon17 Europe Conference Topic: New to SRE

This conference topic category is appropriate for those new to the SRE field or early in their SRE careers, but is also applicable to SREs of all levels.

SREcon: New SREs

Invited Talks

Wednesday, 09:0009:40
Narayan Desai, Google
Wednesday, 09:4010:20
Niall Richard Murphy, Google
Wednesday, 11:0011:30
Bill Lincoln, Wayfair, Matt Coleman
Wednesday, 11:0012:00
Grainne Sheerin, Google, Gabe Krabbe, Google
Wednesday, 11:0012:30
Laura Nolan, Google
Wednesday, 11:3012:00
Jason Hiltz-Laforge, Shopify
Wednesday, 12:0012:30
Kishore Jalleda, Yahoo, Inc.
Wednesday, 13:4014:30
Ingrid Epure, Intercom
Wednesday, 13:4017:00
Grainne Sheerin, Google, Gabe Krabbe, Google, Lisa Carey, Google
Wednesday, 14:3015:00
Perry Statham, IBM
Wednesday, 15:4016:10
John Looney, Intercom
Wednesday, 16:1017:00
Abhijeet Rastogi, LinkedIn
Thursday, 09:0009:50
Lisa Phillips, Fastly
Thursday, 09:0009:50
Janna Brummel, ING, Robin van Zijll, ING
Thursday, 10:5011:45
Yoav Cohen, Imperva Incapsula
Thursday, 10:5011:45
Arup Chakrabarti, PagerDuty
Thursday, 11:4512:30
Michael Gorven, Facebook
Thursday, 11:4512:30
Sean Rees, Google
Thursday, 13:3014:30
Sriram Gollapalli, Agilent Technologies, Inc.
Thursday, 14:3015:00
Richard Clawson, Microsoft Azure, Josh Gilliland, Microsoft Azure
Friday, 09:0009:30
Betsy (Adrienne) Beyer, Google
Friday, 09:3010:30
John Looney, Intercom
Friday, 11:0011:30
Lauri Apple, Zalando
Friday, 11:3012:00
Emily Gorcenski, Simple
Friday, 13:0014:00
Theo Schlossnagle, Circonus
Friday, 14:4015:30
Tanya Reilly, Google
Friday, 15:3016:20
John Keiser, Microsoft Azure, Ben Broderick Phillips, Microsoft


Friday, 13:0014:00