Incident Command at the Edge

Thursday, 31 August, 2017 - 09:0009:50

Lisa Phillips, Fastly


As a content delivery network, Fastly operates an edge environment for many large scale web properties and APIs. In order to deal with emerging threats to its network, Fastly needed to develop processes that allowed it to respond effectively to availability and security incidents at scale. The network engineering, SRE, and security teams at Fastly leverage a protocol called “Incident Command” to rapidly engage various teams across the company, and make sure customer properties are protected. Let the Fastly VP of SRE take you to the far side of the edge, and learn more about the challenges a large global network faces and the protocols that we found helped for us.

Lisa Phillips, Fastly

Lisa Phillips is a leader in the reliability, with particular interest in social media and speeding up content delivery. She has worked for 20 years in tech and database operational roles for large sites Livejournal, Six Apart and Twitter - where she helped kill the fail whale. Lisa is returning from a year of world travelling and is happy to have landed at Fastly as Vice President of Site Reliability Engineering.

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