Panel: AMA for New SREs

Friday, 1 September, 2017 - 13:0014:00

Moderator: Murali Suriar, Google

Panelists: Gráinne Sheerin, Google; John Looney, Intercom; Chris Sinjakli, GoCardless; Ola Klapcinska, Google


If you're new to SRE, or considering becoming an SRE, and you have questions, come to this session. You'll get the opportunity to ask a variety of experienced SREs for their opinion on topics related to SRE teams and culture, hiring, oncall, troubleshooting, performance, release management, and more.

Murali Suriar is lapsed computer science graduate, turned network engineer, turned SRE. Currently working at Google running software defined network control systems. Left Google to get on a boat. Got bored and came back.

Gráinne Sheerin is a Site Reliability Engineer for Google Ireland. She's a tech lead responsible for Ad Serving infrastructure and has 5 years of experience in production engineering. She a physicist, earning a doctorate in Nanoscience from Dublin City University. Prior to Google, she masqueraded as a strategic relationship manager for Reuters and a network engineer for HEAnet.

John Looney did 24x7 support for a webhosting company, spent nearly 12 years in Google as an SRE (compute, storage, datacenters and Ads) as well as running team-build courses. He is now applying SRE to Intercom's infrastructure. He is passionate about ensuring that engineers know the best use of their time and energy, but still hasn't worked out how to not burn himself out occasionally.

Chris Sinjakli enjoys all the weird bits of computing that fall between building software users love and running distributed systems reliably. All his programs are made from organic, hand-picked, artisanal keypresses.

Ola has been a Site Reliability Engineer at Google London for three years. She has been SREing at Ads and Cloud fronted teams, and most recently focusing on Monitoring. When not at work, she roams around Europe and occasionally other continents.

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