SRE 101

Wednesday, 30 August, 2017 - 11:0012:30

Laura Nolan, Google


The purpose of an SRE team is to keep its services up, reliable, performant and efficient. How do effective SRE teams do this?

We'll run through an overview of key SRE competencies: monitoring and alerting, incident response, disaster recovery, performance and efficiency, change management and capacity planning.

We'll also look at the habits of successful SRE teams and some common pitfalls.

Laura Nolan, Google

Laura Nolan has been a Site Reliability Engineer at Google for four years, working on large data infrastructure projects and most recently, networking. Her background is in software engineering and computer science. She wrote the 'Managing Critical State' chapter in the O'Reilly SRE book, and is co-chair of SREcon17 Europe/Middle East/Africa.

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