100 Teams, 100 Ways to Fail

Friday, 2017, September 1 - 15:3016:20

John Keiser, Microsoft Azure, and Ben Broderick Phillips, Microsoft


Every SRE organization hits the same problems at some point: How do we convince teams to let us help, and own the work and results together? As an SRE, you will encounter different kinds of resistance from the teams you work with.

Azure has 100+ teams, and Azure SRE has gained experience with every type of engagement on the map. If any of these scenarios sound familiar to you:

  • Engineers that do not understand your utopian visions (nobody understands me)!
  • Everyone is rational, no one is right
  • “This too shall pass” i.e. the team that knows you will eventually sort out the rough edges in your tooling or find another job, and can safely ignore you until then

Come join Azure SRE as we share stories about teams we’ve worked with, the resistance we’ve run into, and sometimes even how we fixed it.

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